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Strong Evidence Support Possible Reason for Lipoma Formation a correlation between lipomatosis formation and celiac disease, treatment plan

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Celiac disease , an autoimmune disorder that contribute to lipoma formation and a treatment plan based on this relation
Sparkle in Dark Tunnel or the Beginning of the End:
<<Strong Evidence Support Possible Reason for Lipoma Formation>>
I spent 4 years of my life searching for one fact "Why Do We Had Those Tumors? And other people
don’t? , what makes us different than the others?”
I talked to experts (if any) , being an active member of many forms and groups, talked to ayurvedic
practitioners, became a regular client to general surgeons, talked to people who claim they cure their
lipomas but unfortunately, the medical community doesn't care most doctor's doesn't believe our
continued complains, left alone in pain and depression.
BUT it's not that easy, we need to understand the etiology of lipoma first but unfortunately the lipoma
etiology in still UNKNOWN.
I left with one hope is to find out more about lipoma history, by doing so I may discover the relation
between reason and result, understand what contribute to it, I reviewed my resources and fortunately
surprised by a new finding.
Lipoma History:
According to "Chirilă D., Gligor D. Familial multiple lipomatosis. HVM Bioflux." , In 1846 Brodie reported
multiple lipomatosis for the first time, but the hereditary aspect of FML was shown in 1891 by Blashko
[1]. Inheritance of the disease is frequently by autosomal dominant transmission, although cases with
recessive inheritance have also been reported.
While Dercum's disease (adiposis dolorosa, or lipomatous dolorosa morbus Dercum) was first described
by the American neurologist Francis Dercum in 1888 [2].
So in modern history the first documented report of FML presented in 1846.
Some people believe that teeth amalgam fillings may be responsible for lipoma since it has been used
for more than 180 years ago [3] and its contain mercury which is toxic.
It may make sense that whatever causes lipoma must be older that the first lipoma case report to cause
it and be responsible, or it may be genetic engineering or GMOs and the list continue.
But what if there are other undiscovered or undocumented cases of lipoma even prior to modern
So I have to travel through time wheel to find out more about lipoma history.
Ancient Civilizations and SAT Disorders (1st Finding):
Digging back in history, ancient Egyptians (The Pharos) was
having the greatest civilization of their time; they were
advanced in medicine, astronomy, architecture and arts.
Travelling to Deir el Bahari, on the west bank of the Nile
River near the Valley of the Kings at upper Egypt you can
found “Queen Hatshepsut’s” tomb where you can locate the
first documented subcutaneous fat disorder showing the chief
Parihou with his wife Ati, Queen of Punt, (while they offer
gifts to the Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut (1516-1481 BC), that
findings published by the Egyptian Dermatology Journals at
Rome - Italy, check the queen picture at the Egyptian Museum
of History (shared here with my marks).
First Conclusion: Lipomas are so old and the reason for lipoma
formation is defiantly NOT kentucky fried chicken NOT PEPSI
and NOT the Big Mac !
It's Fate:
Few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a video for a professor in Suez Canal University [4], Doctor WHO
in this video speaks about a disease that is so popular but still under diagnosed, this disease causes:
digestive problems, eczema, depression, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue and LOW energy, thyroid glad
problems, those are only the major symptom of this under diagnosed very common disease.
My First Conclusion
I concluded that since lipoma formation was too old then the reason must be old too, its something we
eat every day and if that disease was classified into Autoimmune Disorder and CAN cause skin problems
then it may be linked to lipoma formation too since lipoma is autoimmune disorder too.
The disease mentioned above is Celiac Disease which is defined as follow:
Celiac disease (gluten-sensitive enteropathy), sometimes called sprue or coeliac, is an immune reaction
to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.
If you have celiac disease, eating gluten triggers an immune response in your small intestine. Over time,
this reaction damages your small intestine's lining and prevents absorption of some nutrients
(malabsorption). The intestinal damage often causes diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, bloating and anemia,
and can lead to serious complications [5].
I therefore concluded that Gluten is the reason behind lipoma formation.
My Second Conclusion
People with lipomas had inherited the gluten sensitivity and doesnt inherited the lipomatosis , so
familiel multiple lipomatosis is not the disorder ; it’s the symptom.
Patients was porn lipoma free but with celiac disease the autoimmune system works in peak to attack
and neutralize gluten , In a healthy body, small amounts of fluid containing toxins continually leak from
blood vessels and are easily flushed out of the body. In lipomatosis patients, too much fluid is released
and settles between cells, creating inflammation. To clean up the toxic fluid, the body sends blood cells
to the rescue and then produces fat to feed the cells. The fat, however, eventually builds up into solid
“It’s like taking garbage to the street, but it never gets picked up by the garbage truck [6]
Skin rashes and eczemas are some symptoms of these attacks.
Is it a coincidence that celiac disease affects around 1% of the population [7] and multiple lipomatosis
affects 1% of the population [8] .
When I talked some people who succeeded in reducing their lipoma size like Mr. Darryl Rubarth founder
of lipoma cure , he told me that he reduced his lipomas until they barely noticed he had a strict diet and
he just consumed lactase enzyme , and what he actually did is that he treated lactase intolerance that
caused by celiac disease.
I still remember Grandmother Sylvia (the kind senior lady who runs MD Junction as an admin to
Dercums group, appointed by the owner Dr. Karin Herbst), she told me about that lady from the west
coast who had something important to reveal , the other lady was a psychotherapist expert and was
married to a man who had advanced case of Dercums Disease , she blame gluten as responsible for her
husband disorder , I was so wrong when I told her that we hate gluten and its bad to health, the lady
was right.
Clinical and Medical Evidence
In 2014 researchers : Ilyas Sayar, Levent Demirtas, Mehmet Gurbuzel, Arda Isik, Kemal Peker and
Baris Gulhan had presented the first case of Familial Multiple Lipomatosis Associated with Celiac Disease
[9] [10] :
Gluten enteropathy (celiac disease) is a chronic disease and presents as diarrhea, weight loss and
A 35-year-old Caucasian man with gluten enteropathy, familial multiple lipomas and seborrheic
keratosis was seen in our clinic. After confirmation of the diagnosis, he was advised to follow a gluten-
free diet. His clinical improvement was evaluated and confirmed with biopsy.
Celiac disease is known to be associated with many systemic diseases and skin lesions but its association
with familial multiple lipomas has not yet been reported.
What we can do and our Treatment plan:
First we need to diagnose celiac disease with the coexisting of lipomatosis, to confirm C.D
Doctors may order two blood tests to help diagnose celiac disease.
Serology testing looks for antibodies in your blood. Elevated levels of certain antibody proteins
indicate an immune reaction to gluten.
Genetic testing for human leukocyte antigens (HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8) can be used to rule out
celiac disease.
If the results of these tests indicate celiac disease, your doctor may order an endoscopy to view your
small intestine and to take a small tissue sample (biopsy) to analyze for damage to the villi.
It's important to be tested for celiac disease before trying a gluten-free diet. Eliminating gluten from
your diet may change the results of blood tests so that they appear to be normal.
A strict, lifelong gluten-free diet is the only way to manage celiac disease. In addition to wheat, foods
that contain gluten include:
Graham flour
Spelt (a form of wheat)
Treatment Plan:
If you are one of the 1/3 cases of lipomatosis who had celiac disease and you confirm the diagnosis then
your treatment option is so clear, you need to understand your body messages and reactions:
A strict, lifelong gluten-free diet is the only way to manage celiac disease. In addition to wheat, foods
that contain gluten include:
Graham flour
Spelt (a form of wheat)
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