Evaluation of Different Species/Varieties of Philodendron Under Indoor Conditions

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Studies were undertaken in Department of Pomology and Floriculture, College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara to evaluate different species/varieties of philodendron under indoor conditions. Based on the growth habit, thirteen species/varieties of philodendrons were selected for evaluating their performance under five different indoor light zones viz.

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To read the file of this research,
you can request a copy directly from the authors.

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Despite a recent taxonomic treatment of Styrax from North America and the Caribbean, the taxonomy of this genus has remained poorly understood. In an effort to clarify the taxonomy of Styrax from western Texas through Mesoamerica, morphological characteristics of over 2500 specimens from 29 herbaria were examined. The previous treatment emphasized vegetative characters for circumscription, whereas the present revision includes heretofore poorly characterized features of the androecium. This revision comprises 19 species and 24 taxa in the area considered, nearly three times as many species as recognized previously. It includes six new species (S. gentryi, S. incarnatus, S. nicaraguensis, S. radians, S. steyermarkii, S. tuxtlensis), two new subspecies (S. platanifolius subsp. mollis, S. nicaraguensis subsp. ellipsoidalis), three new combinations (S. platanifolius subsp. stellatus, S. platanifolius subsp. texanus, S. platanifolius subsp. youngiae), and two new species names (S. austromexicanus, S. lanceolatus). Two names (S. glabrescens var. pilosus and S. jaliscanus) are lectotypified. Nearly 70% of the species recognized in the revision are narrow endemics. This work has provided the basis for a taxonomic revision of all neotropical Styrax that is currently under way.
Lighting & house plants
  • C Haynes
Haynes, C. 2006. Lighting & house plants [on-line].