Gli strumenti ICT per la valorizzazione del paesaggio: dal cyberspazio all’ipermediazione dei luoghi. In: Barosio M.Trisciuoglio M.. I paesaggi culturali. Costruzione, promozione, gestione. p. 211-236, MILANO:EGEA, ISBN: 9788823821545

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The Marsica territory is at the centre of Ignazio Silone's writings. In line with his own ideology, Silone covers the elements of the landscapes he describes with symbolic connotations and social meanings: the mountain overtaken by a subsistence agriculture, the plain created by draining the Fucino Lake in the last decades of the nineteenth century and converted to a thriving agricultural activity, the villages grown up along the mountains’ edge and on the perimeter of the former lake, and the culturally distant towns. His writings can become key elements for a sustainable development of tourism: in 2015 an excursionist itinerary, called Sentiero Silone, was opened to link the places described by the writer and identified through oral interviews with local communities and field surveys. The purpose of my research is to analyze Silone's “places" and their various identities: the literary representation will be the guideline to review and interpret the landscapes, applying a multidisciplinary approach in order to define the relationships between the past and the present and to propose future scenarios that integrate research, innovation and sustainability.
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