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Data Structures for Visualization in Mobile Devices

  • Director, IIIT Kottayam, Kerala, India Institute of National Importance


Most common definition of visualization is laid down as “interactive, visual/graphical representations of data”. There are various aspects related to visualization such mapping, selection, presentation, interactivity, human factors, evaluation etc. By using such aspects for visualization in mobile devices, different types of data can be visualized like text, picture, maps, physical objects, abstract data etc. There are two main areas of visualization that is, scientific visualization and information visualization. Scientific visualization refers to physical data and it is used for computer modeling and simulation. Information visualization refers to abstract data and used in business and finance, administration, digital media and other abstract concepts. The physical and abstract data is only one classification but there are other classification like static and dynamic data, structured and unstructured data, or hierarchical and non-hierarchical data classification. Old mobile devices were less powerful and did not support various functions. So complex data visualization with different structure was impossible with old devices. Recent mobile are more powerful having high resolution, more colors, large screen, fast connectivity, various tools that old one, but still visualization on mobile devices has remained a challenging task. In this paper the focus is given on data structure as one of the medium to be used in various type of visualization on different types of mobile devices.
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