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A New and Practical Mobile Agent Based Approach for Load Monitoring of Web Server

  • Bharatratna Indira Gandhi College of Engineering
  • Director, IIIT Kottayam, Kerala, India Institute of National Importance


Load Monitoring can reveal the bottleneck and the performance of a web server, and it can make sure that the web server is in its best condition. This is becoming more and more important in order to ensure the quality of web server. However, a huge amount of bandwidth is needed to completely evaluate or even monitor certain number of web servers. However, we are facing limited bandwidth as the World Wide Web (WWW) gets more and more popular and common, therefore we introduce the mobile agent technology as a solution.
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Since the invention of computer researcher fraternity is trying to minimize the communication gap between the computer and a human. Since then continuous and consistent efforts are being made to develop Natural Language Interfaces to Databases (NLIDBs). A general user is not an expert in SQL, but knows general English or native language for computer interaction. A majority of school-going children pursue their education in regional languages, among which Hindi language stands out to be most prominent. Schools are being provided with computer education facilities and internet connectivity so that vast educational resources already available and to be developed by schools themselves could be shared amongst them. In the current research work NLIDB interface has been developed in which the question is asked in simple daily life human language like English and the answer is given in the same language and in Hindi. Innovative architecture has been developed for making the use of hot technology of today: Software Agents.
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