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Designing the Power Efficient System for Ad hoc Network using Cross Layer Protocol Design at the Link Layer and Routing Layer

  • Director, IIIT Kottayam, Kerala, India Institute of National Importance


Designing energy efficient protocols for ad-hoc networks is important since there has been little improvement in the amount of energy stored on these devices. We demonstrate how this cross-layer technique can be used to augment both synchronous and out-of-band protocols. We then take advantage of carrier sensing to dynamically adjust the listening time for wake-up signal detection. We explore cross-layer design with interaction between the link layer and routing layer. We consider using multiple levels of power save protocols at the link layer. Each level presents a different tradeoff in terms of energy and latency (i.e. levels with an increased energy consumption have a lower latency). We explore a routing layer protocol design that discovers routes which allow the nodes to consume as little energy as possible while maintaining a user-specified latency. In this work, we explore protocols that use cross-layer designs for energy saving and some cross-layer tradeoffs that arise as a result of reducing energy power save protocols.
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