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Generalized Technique Using P2P Networks, Collaborative Tools and E-Learning to Establish Most Cost Effective National Grid

  • Director, IIIT Kottayam, Kerala, India Institute of National Importance


This paper describes the way to build the National Grid for engineering teaching community, to optimize the technical resources in engineering colleges in India using P2P Networks based collaborative tools. This grid provides the most economical, suitable and time efficient solution, considering the existing infrastructure, facilities available and computing capabilities of teachers of engineering colleges. It can help to the teachers in various ways like assistance for preparing better teaching material based on existing syllabus, increase awareness of recent technological development, better research opportunities and facilities. The outcome of this Grid can be utilized to develop the most useful and effective e-learning web site for teachers, students and research scholars of engineering institutes to reduce the gap between education institutes and industry as well as for improving the education standard of the nation. In the testing phase, it is found that it is the most suitable scheme for implementing national grid. This is a generalized technique and can be applied to any discipline of any country of the world.
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