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IP Multimedia Subsystem Communication (3.5 G)

  • Director, IIIT Kottayam, Kerala, India Institute of National Importance


The IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) is standardized by the 3rd generation partnership project (3GPP) and 3GPP2 as a new core network domain to support Internet Protocol (IP) based multimedia services over 3G networks. Session initiation protocol (SIP) which is an application layer signaling protocol is also standardized by 3GPP and 3GPP2 for session establishment, management, and transformation. In this paper the IP Multi media subsystem is a current trend to reform the communication client tool used at Worldwide Interoperable Microwave access that will be emerged with 3.5G (Rel.8). The IP Multimedia Subsystem is capable of doing all the multimedia facilities like video conference/call, online game and so on. The feature can easily be performed well in the computer but the trend which is going to come in the telecom as 3.5G (Rel8) is going to do everything in mobile. The possibility is come by IP Multimedia Subsystem where the new feature can easily be being done in 3.5G (Rel. 8). For the telecom comply the IP Multimedia Subsystem client tool has been undergone for testing and checking all available feature performance with IP Multimedia Subsystem server / platform. The IMS client tool is being set with realm and SIP proxy server to form the regiment with IMS server / platform to do the entire feature which is being available in the IMS client. The regiment has already been formed for IMS server / platform and that should be wrapped up once the client starts the registration progress with the formation of similar setting which is already been formed in IMS server / platform. Hence for future enhancement in the telecom the IP Multimedia Communication and Inter Asterisk Exchange tool connectivity is successfully established in the session with IP Multimedia Subsystem server / platform as per the regiment has been made for server setting from the resolved server configuration. The communication must be established for available IP Multimedia Subsystem client tool in IP Multimedia Subsystem server / platform for showing new research innovation whereas the other types of communication like SIP softphone, hardphone and Private Branch Exchange connection can also be established from IP Multimedia Subsystem server / platform with IP Multimedia Communication Client. From this development, the 3.5G surely fulfils the user need and it will lead the developer to keep track to develop more for user experience enhances services.
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