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Robotic Arm Automatic Welding Process Using DIP

  • Director, IIIT Kottayam, Kerala, India Institute of National Importance


The paper describes, to design a generalized code for real time image processing on welding process with different object to identify the objects and apply the different algorithms for image tracing and find the space between the two objects. The proposed generalized code is used for different applications in which there is need to find the distance between two objects and to take the action depends on the minimal distance between them. If the distance is in the range then find the distance between the objects and the torch tip that is fixed in robotic r for welding. If the threshold gap is in the range then the robotic arm is ready for welding. Our task is to make a cost efficient, human free automatic welding process in which the welding parameters are controlled suitably so as to ensure a high quality output, which meets the international export standards. In addition to this we are presenting the results in support of this idea. In early days, the most of the work is done on arc welding using laser sensors techniques. Welding process is one of the most important process in manufacturing units. The Quality of welded output completely depends on the control of the process parameters, but still the conventional manual welding, is used wher there is no suitable control on the process parameters. Hence Quality of welded output is not satisfactory and manufactured goods do not meet International export standards.
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