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Work in the digital age: challenges of the fourth industrial revolution Identifying the challenges for work in the digital age

  • German Federal Ministry of Finance
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A unique contribution from this book is to shed light on the differential effects of the fourth industrial revolution across countries and regions in Europe and around the world. Drawing on a wide range of international expertise, contributors to this volume examine a range of policy challenges arising from the transformation of work in the digital age. They discuss the effects of labour disruption, rising levels of wealth inequality, low social mobility and increasing regional disparities within and between countries. They consider how to unlock the vast economic potential of new technologies and the implications for policy innovations at firm, governmental and societal levels. Our contribution here intends to inform a progressive agenda on how we can develop shared narratives and solutions across a range of advanced industrialised countries. It touches upon the core mission of how progressive movements and trade unions can contribute to the on-going policy debate about the future of work in modern economies, and regarding the opportunities, threats and potential solutions we need to identify to address some of the most intriguing and gripping economic and social challenges of our time.
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