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CPU Architecture for Robotic System Application

  • Director, IIIT Kottayam, Kerala, India Institute of National Importance


The architectural design for robot controller largely depends on type, size and application as well as complexities and constraints considered for application and implementation. The trajectory generation is a basic activity in all types of robots. It is integrated function in controllers of 3rd generations robots based on AI. The promise of increased computing power within few years, prompted to robotics researchers, to go for 3rd generation robots. In addition many countries like US, UK, Japan, Russia & Germany started research in fifth generation computers, that stimulated research in AI & related topics like robotics. Robotics Architecture also refers to the profound changes in structure of media caused by the emergence of digital technologies as the dominant method for representing, storing and communicating information. At present, information and communication technologies were converged into combined economic and technical systems with maximum capabilities for interoperability. The goal of paper presented here is to focus on architecture model for efficient use of controllers executing in efficient way control, planning, management and decision making. The Robot controller system discussed here AI based and also clubbed with current technologies like IT & web related Wireless Technologies. Wireless Medias has wiped the distinction between computing and communication as computing digitally is now capable of communication and communication devises are computing intensive. Thus, these medias will enable the information in any form and format to reach the individual through single digital delivery system. The System presented here discussed the robot system with it's CPU architectures, computer architectures, IT integration, wireless media architecture, future trends and limitations.
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