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Hilbert-Huang Dönüşümü ve Derin Öğrenme Kullanarak Akciğer Seslerinde Astım Teşhisi (The Diagnosis of Asthma using Hilbert-Huang Transform and Deep Learning on Lung Sounds)

  • Iskenderun Technical University
  • Iskenderun Technical University, Hatay, Turkey


Lung auscultation is the most effective and indispensable method for diagnosing various respiratory disorders by using the sounds from the airways during inspirium and exhalation using stethoscope. In this study, the statistical features are calculated from intrinsic mode functions that are extracted by applying the Hilbert-Huang Transform to the lung sounds from 12 different auscultation regions on the chest and back. The classification of the lung sounds from asthma and healthy subjects is performed using Deep Belief Networks (DBN). The DBN classifier model with two hidden layers has been tested using 5-fold cross validation method. The proposed DBN separated lung sounds from asthmatic and healthy subjects with high classification performance rates of 84.61%, 85.83%, and 77.11% for overall accuracy, sensitivity, and selectivity, respectively using frequency-time analysis.
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