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Return to sport times in high competitive and elite athletes, a comparitive study of double hamstring and lars augmented double bundle hamstring graft patients after anterior cruciate reconstruction .

  • Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre, Perth ,Western Australia
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I am orthopaedic surgeon from Perth with a 18 year career interest in soft tissue
knee surgery. Of recent particular interest is the study of LARS augmented ACLR
and its affect on speeding recovery times.
My practice is shared between a private sports clinic and public hospital paediatric
sports knee service .
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University of Western Australia
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Introduction & aims Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACLR) surgery
often requires 12 months before patients can return to sport. Improving recovery
times without compromising other outcomes is a particularly important goal for
athletes. Adding a prosthetic graft to standard autograft offers intrinsic graft
strength and stiffness which may allow high load rehabilitation without graft stretch
or failure in athletes. This study aims to compare the recovery times and 2 year
outcome measures of athletes who received a hamstring double bundle graft
ACLR and a standard rehabilitation to those athletes who received a prosthetic
augmented graft (hybrid) with accelerated rehabilitation.
AOA ASM 2015 Abstract Submission 4
Method – maximum 100 words
From August 2008 to June 2011 patients in a single surgeon practice sustaining an
isolated ACL rupture were offered either a standard double bundle hamstring or a
LARS augmented double bundle hamstring autograft ACLR. A small polyethylene
terephthalate ligament was doubled alongside the semitendinosus tendon on a
shared endobutton to constitute the “hybrid” anteromedial bundle in the augmented
group. Patients chose their graft. Hybrid graft patients had accelerated
Athletes achieving post–operative Tegner activity levels of 8-10 were studied from
each group.
Knee scores, instrumented laxity, return to sport times activities and complications
were compared at minimum 2 years.
Results – maximum 200 words
The results will compare the two groups of athletes and their post ACL
reconstruction outcomes. Patient demographics will be presented. Two year KT
1000 arthrometry and IKDC, Tegner, Lysholm, Cincinnati and ACL Quality of Life
knee scores will be reported. Graft failure and re-operation rates will also be
Factors affecting return to sport post ACL reconstruction will be reviewed.
Risks relating to early return to sport will be discussed.
This paper will assess whether a prosthetically augmented hamstring ACL graft
reconstruction surgery with accelerated rehabilitation can allow athletes safe early
return to sport when compared with a standard hamstring graft and rehabilitation
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