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Sand & Indigo - A Finnish and Gambian collaboration in art pedagogy



The Gambia Project took place during the years 2015-2017 in collaboration with Finnish and Gambian visual art students, teachers, artists and local people. The project aimed to help in developing an art school in The Gambia and to enhance broader knowledge which could be utilized in visual art pedagogy and the development of learning environments in The Gambia and Finland. This brought to the fore the fundamental question of what art is – or can be – in these contexts. The ”Pigments from Gambian Nature” workshop was a practical platform for Finnish and Gambian students and teachers and artists to get acquainted and work with each other, while suspending the culturally bound concepts of art. The Gambia Project is explored from many different angles in this book. This book is an experiential introduction to this intercultural artistic research project, and it can be utilized in teaching and learning in arts education.
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