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Introduction - Jewish Migration to South Africa - The Records of the Poor Jews' Temporary Shelter, 1885-1914

G2019S in LRRK2 is the most common mutation associated with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Highest frequencies are in North African Arabic (30–41%) and Ashkenazi Jewish (6–30%) populations, mostly due to founder effects. Here, we investigated the frequency of G2019S in 647 unrelated South African PD patients from different ancestral origins. It was found in only 1.2% (8/647) of patients. Notably, none of the 91 individuals of African ancestry had G2019S. It was present in 1.9% (3/154) and 1% (5/493) of early- and late-onset cases, respectively. The frequency of G2019S exhibits ethnic-specific differences and warrants further study in sub-Saharan African populations.
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