Research on the design of interactive ideological and political teaching system based on computer network

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In order to improve the efficiency and interaction in ideological and political teaching, the paper proposed the interactive model in design process of ideological and political teaching system based on computer network. Participate in various stages of the project according to the progress of the project, and finally complete the system development together with the members of the project group. The development of ideological and political education of university network system's goal is to establish a management information system. By using advanced information system development technology, the paper makes full use of the information network platform and explores the information pattern of ideological and political work. As a part of the political work, the information of Ideological and political education is the realization of the network teaching. It can break the limits of time and region by realizing online learning and communication. The conclusion is that information technology can improve the effectiveness of Ideological and political education.

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... It uses advanced information system development technology and information network platforms to explore the informatization pattern of ideological and political work. And, through the use of computer technology to achieve online learning and communication, it breaks the limitations of time and region and finally verified the effectiveness of computer technology in improving ideological and political education through experiments [7]. Ran M. analyzed the construction and optimization of a multi-English teaching model based on computer cloud technology. ...
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Computer technology refers to the technical methods and technical means used in the computer field, which have the function of data storage, modification, and calculation of related logic and data. Physical education in colleges and universities has various levels and complex contents. From the perspective of bocce training in college physical education, this paper proposes a research direction for bocce training based on computer technology for the development of college physical education. First, a brief introduction to bocce is given, and then the traditional training methods of bocce are explained. It mainly includes technical training, physical fitness training, and psychological quality training. Then, the computer-assisted teaching is explained. Finally, the computer-assisted teaching and the traditional mode of teaching are contrasted. The experimental results show that the overall performance of students’ technical training, physical fitness training, and psychological training assisted by computer technology is 3.53% higher than that of students under traditional teaching. This shows that bocce training based on computer technology is more conducive to improving the level of sports training of students, thereby improving the quality of physical education.
... It is the reflection of the accurate description of objective phenomena and the stable personality reflected by the designer in the long-term creative process [4]. Weiwei, Z. and others analyzed the clothing style from the style and studied the influence of different sizes of various parts of the clothing on the style [5]. Chao, H. and others proposed a variational averaging unit method to segment the image and evaluated the image candidate atlas generated by encoding the image feature data to obtain the image required by the user. ...
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In order to study the suit style design based on computer interactive genetic algorithm. Firstly, this paper summarizes the development status of garment customization and interactive evolutionary computing and studies the steps and system flow of customized garment design based on interactive evolutionary computing and the automatic generation method of garment style. Then, taking the suit as an example, the principal component analysis method is used to extract the elements of clothing design and code it. Combined with the interactive genetic algorithm, the user-satisfied clothing style binary string is generated, and the style binary string is decoded into a visual style map through the decoding algorithm. Finally, based on MATLAB platform, a customized clothing system prototype based on interactive evolutionary computing is realized. Users can carry out innovative clothing design through interactive graphical interface, automatically draw the clothing style designed by users, and provide method and technical support for clothing customization. The experimental results show that in the process of interaction design, try to solve the initial population required by the design, evolve and derive offspring on a large scale through genetic operation, retrieve the whole design feasible region, and obtain the optimal solution in line with user preferences.
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