Psychopathy - New Updates on an Old Phenomenon

  • Azienda Socio-Sanitaria Territoriale Melegnano e Martesana


This book collects the contribution of a selected number of clinical psychiatrists interested in the clinical evaluation of specific issues on psychopathy. The nine chapters of the book address some relevant issues related to nosography, early recognition and treatment, bio-psycho-social models (in particular cognitive-behavioral and ethological ones), and social and familial consequences of psychopathic personality.
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This study obtained feedback from intimate partner abuse survivors (N = 104) regarding helpful and unhelpful aspects of therapy. The survivors’ narrative accounts and answers to quantitative questions were subjected to quantitative and qualitative analysis. Results suggest that survivors sought therapy to understand themselves and the abuse they endured. Clinicians’ diagnoses of codependency or assertions that survivors chose the relationship weakened the therapeutic alliance and reduced the perceived helpfulness of therapy.
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