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Education and personality development
Published at December 09, 2017 10:45 PM 0Comment(s)352views
Education is a holistic process that cannot be confined to schools. It is a
lifelong process. The regular happenings in day to day life educate us in one or
the other way. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the existence of
human beings is fruitless without education.
An educated person has the ability to change the world, as he/she is brimming
with confidence and is assured of making the right moves at the right time.
Those who are pursuing higher studies, personality development are amongst
the one of the most common terms heard by them. Such an impact of the term
signifies its importance. Personality development does not mean to enrich a
person’s outlook, achieving good grades, it is not related to one thing but it is a
cluster of many things. Personality development is the awareness about
oneself. It includes all the traits one possesses, ones strengths and
Being conscious about ones strengths and weaknesses is not sufficient; one
needs to accept his/her weaknesses in order to get over them. Personality
development is synonym of self-confidence and positivity. Self-confidence is
the first and the most important trait of personality development.
A person who desires a good personality should have self-confidence and he must toss out all the negativity away from his mind. He needs to have an optimistic approach in
life. Personality development means to be courteous. A person who is always admired for his personality is always courteous towards others. He will be always ready to help
others and will be very polite and humble with everyone he interacts.
Pertinent to mention here, although personality is enhanced by the attire that suits the occasion. But we must keep this thing in mind that going to board meeting wearing
branded shorts with tees and wearing so many jewellery pieces while going to the workplace is neither related to the personality development and nor a trait of personality.
If you want to succeed in life you must have a good personality. Wherever you go, it is your actions that you speak volumes of your personality. Suppose you go to a party
wearing a branded suit and you just look awesome in it. You are being admired for your looks, for your achievements and everybody is praising you.
Suddenly a waiter comes and by mistake drops some drink on your suit and says sorry. Instead of forgiving him for his mistake you slap him in front of everyone and yell him
very badly. This sight will make a fuss of your whole personality. You will not be praised more; instead everyone will speak against you behind your back. This may be a great
stop in your career and achievements also. This may bring you down from top most priority to the last priority. But if you had forgiven the waiter, you would have increased
your number of admirers. Personality plays a very important role in success.
Your personality can make you more preferred over others. A good personality brings in many surprises in your life. Personality development is often conjugated with good
education. Education plays a very important role in developing a good personality.
Education gives knowledge
Knowledge is important. If you sit in a group of people without any knowledge, you will be considered not less than a fool. Lack of knowledge can cut down the pleasing effect
of politeness and good dressing. Knowledge will let you indulge in a good discussion with your fellow mates and will leave your unforgettable imprint in their mind. It is just
like a magical booster to your personality.
Education increases your intellectual growth. Education keeps your mind toward the right direction. It can give you a motive in your life. So you will get to know what you are
doing and will be its consequences. For every step you take in life, you will know why you are doing so. This will reflect in your personality and enhance it.
Education teaches ethics
To be successful, you need to face many defeats. You will have to accept the defeats. Education will teach you to use fair means no matter what happens. A cheater is always a
cheater and this reflects in his personality. The badge of a cheater is more than enough to completely ruin your personality. Education will teach you to be fair with everyone.
In every situation, you need to avoid cheating and dishonesty. Education will give you many lessons so that you can differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.
And when time comes, you will know what the truthful track is and you will opt for that. Remember, lies are temporary and truth is forever. So whatever personality you make
by incorrect means, it will be temporary. Only fair means will offer you a good and a permanent personality.
Education boosts confidence
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Confidence is a must for personality development. Education is the only booster which can help you in passing the hurdle of low self-confidence. Most of the people are
usually very shy. Education gives them a chance to develop self-confidence. Education system gives them a chance e to sit with other people, talk with them, befriend the,
have a healthy communication with them, learn new things and clear the doubts. Every little step will increase you confidence. Every new person you meet in your day, you
need a lot of confidence to talk to them.
We can see that children studying in schools can easily talk with other people without any shyness. They can also address a group of people. This is because the education
system is injecting confidence in them and they are using it to enhance their personality.
Education gives opportunities and experience
A good personality needs opportunities. Opportunities can be considered as a way to show off your personality. A personality without an opportunity is of no use. Your
personality has nothing to do if you have to just sit idle at your home. Opportunities and experience are interrelated. Opportunities give you experience and experience gives
you more opportunities. Opportunities teach you many new things.
There are some things which can only be learnt by experience not by education. But then also these experiences come from opportunities given by education.
Education teaches how to behave
A good behavior towards others is always appreciated and admired. As quoted above, a wrong behavior can spoil your whole personality that you have created from many
years. Code of conduct that is how to behave is also taught by education system. Education can teach how to act when you are in a conference or in a party, or somewhere else.
Education can teach how to talk with other people. Education can teach you what to speak and what not to.
In the modern education system, you are surrounded by many people around you and you need to communicate with them some or the other time. This can be considered as
a practical test for your code of conduct. You can develop a very good personality if you can learn how to behave.
Education develops healthy habits
Healthy habits can be associated to good manners. It includes how to eat, how to walk, how to talk, and many others things. These things are taught to students from the very
beginning. These are the first things taught to them when they join school.
An important factor in healthy habits is cleanliness within you and outside you. This is also taught in the education system. Schools often teach the student to keep their
surrounding neat and clean. They also teach to them to stay physically neat and clean. Bathing daily, cutting nails, regular haircut, are all part of cleanliness within you. At
some point of time these things affect the personality of a person.
Education increases memory and thinking skills
Memory and thinking skills can be considered as showstoppers of your brain. Your thinking skills and memory can easily impress anyone. Excellent thinking skills will lead
to healthy discussion and will give you an unforgettable personality. Sharp memory skills will let you remember previously met faces and facts.
When you remember something which you have not encountered from a long time it is quite impressive. It leaves a positive remark on your personality. You and your
personality will be praised. Memory and thinking skills are god gifted to some people and others get this skill from education. Education can sharpen these skills.
Education makes a person disciplined
Discipline is always overlooked. But it is a very important trait in personality development. Discipline is what differentiates between man and wild. Obviously behaving
wildly will show your non serious attitude, an unwanted and unappreciated personality. From the very beginning, students are taught to be disciplined.
In all professional areas, discipline is a must. If you are undisciplined, you will be soon kicked out of there. On the other hand if you will always be in discipline, everyone will
praise your work, everyone will like you, and no one will have any problems with you. This what a good personality wants.
Tail Piece
The desire of every individual is to have a good personality. But the fact is that good personality cannot be made in an eyes blink. It needs time, patience and hard work.
Similar to a plant, to get a fruits out of it one needs to nourish it.
Similarly you need do to nourish yourself, physically and mentally. You need to put in positivity in your mind. You need knowledge. You need experience and opportunities.
You need to be disciplined. When all things will synthesize in an individual, the magic portion of your personality will be developed.
For getting all this, you need to get education first. Without education, it is next to impossible to get all these things. Education can give almost everything. A good personality
is one of those things. If you want to develop a good personality, take education seriously. Education is not a joke. If you will take it lightly, you will develop a personality
which will be next to a joke.
Author is research assistant at School of Education, Central University of Kashmir.
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