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A Critical Study of Sheikh Hamidou Kane’s Ambiguous Adventure



‘Ambiguous Adventure’ is considered to be one of the greatest African novels. It is the story of Samba Diallo, his family and his people; the Diallobe. He lived a short life but a rich one nevertheless, rich in experience, thoughts and feelings, a life also full of conflicts. These conflicts eventually led to the abrupt end of his life. The book has generated various and sometimes opposing viewpoints and literary studies, one example is (Suffern, 2012 ); “The book manages to cover considerable ground in its 160 pages: the African diaspora; the collision between indigenous and colonial cultures; how religion and education can ensure imperialistic power; and finally, how individuals can become expendable experiments to their conquerors”. Another reader sees that the book “...addresses a critical contemporary issue—the collision of Islamic African values and Western culture.” However, it is not possible to look at all these issues in one short study. So, this article will give a general review of the book concentrating on the relationship of Samba Diallobe and his teacher at the Quranic school then discusses one of the important themes in the story; that of Death.
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