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Submission to the Western Australian Parliament Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs opposing Fluoridation of Kununurra drinking water



Mr Danny Carter submitted a petition opposing Fluoridation of Kununurra drinking water via the Minister Hon Alannah MacTiernan in August 2017. The Environment and Public Affairs Committee decided to make this submission in support of the petition ”public” but not to publish it on their website.
The Hon Matthew D Swinbourn MLC
Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs
Parliament of Western Australia
15 September 2017
Dear Sir,
Re Petition 016 tabled 15 August 2017 “Oppose Fluoridation Chemicals to Public Water Supply in Kununurra”
Submitted by Principal Petitioner Danny Carter
I wish to support this petition as an interested party and former resident of Western Australia with family living
I was previously appointed by the Environment Minister of WA to her Panel of Experts and was commissioned to
work for the Minister on some projects including investigation of the Brookdale Liquid Waste Treatment Plant and
the proposed Kemerton facility to replace it.
My advice to close the former and not proceed with the latter was accepted.
I have actively studied Fluoride Toxicology since I was an undergraduate student, through my PhD and postdoctoral
studies in Biochemistry and Chemistry. I have practical experience in handling extremely dangerous Fluoride
compounds including Hydrogen Fluoride.
As space is limited, I refer your Committee to a number of reviews that I have published and which might appear as
book chapters in the future. They cover the work of thousands of scientists who have helped to build the peer-
reviewed literature on Fluoride Toxicology, a field producing approximately 10 new papers per week.
I would like also to draw to your attention a very recent publication by Australian reviewers Blood Lead and
preeclampsia: A meta-analysis and review of implications Poropat A, Laidlaw M, Lanphear B, Ball A, Mielke HW.
2017. They state: Blood Lead concentrations in pregnant women are a major risk factor for preeclampsia, with an
increase of 1 μg/dL lead/blood associated with a 1.6% increase in likelihood of preeclampsia, which appears to be
the strongest risk factor for preeclampsia yet reported. Pregnant women with historical lead exposure should
routinely have blood lead concentrations tested, especially after mid-term. Women with concentrations higher than
5 μg/dL should be actively monitored for preeclampsia and be advised to take prophylactic calcium
supplementation. All pregnant women should be advised to actively avoid lead exposure. Preeclampsia kills over
60,000 women and many more foetuses each year.
Fluoridation directly adds Lead to the bloodstream of Western Australians through Fluoride enhanced
It is unacceptable for public water supplies to be used as a conduit for disposal of Phosphate Fertilizer industrial
waste in the form of crude HexaFluoroSilicic Acid (HFSA) also known by many synonyms. It contains dangerous levels
of Arsenic, Chromium, Lead, Mercury and numerous often poorly characterized carcinogenic and radioactive
elements in addition to the Fluoride toxin.
I would be delighted to provide further support to the Committee in its deliberations.
Yours sincerely
Geoff Pain PhD BSC(Hons).
Dr Geoff N Pain
Consultant Scientist
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