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A Holistic Planning Approach: Enhancement of the grid expansion using the flexibility of network participants

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DSO’s are facing significant challenges in network planning due to the integration of DER, Smart Grid technologies, E-Mobility, regulation and volatile market conditions. In previous work it was shown (A) how DSO’s are able to optimize planning of network assets in the presence of high uncertainty [1] and (B) how to describe the interdependencies between all market participants in an agent-based fashion to derive forecasts of prices, generation & demand [3]. Here the integration of these solutions across all voltage levels by means of long-term network planning is presented. Thereby smart grid components extend the traditional grid planning process. This extension merges time-series based network planning approaches with models of active and reactive innovative network participants. This results in robust and future-proofed network planning.

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... A lifelike distribution grid model of the project Agent.GridPlan [9] has been used in this paper. It comprises two medium voltage (MV) levels and each one extra high (EHV), high (HV) and low voltage (LV) level with the key values listed in Table 1. ...
Conference Paper
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Academic studies and long-term planning demand for highly sophisticated simulation of distribution system’s usage considering operational actions and repercussions of market driven measures when applied on a large scale. This paper presents enhancements to the SIMONA tool enabling a large-scale distribution system simulation of a lifelike 50,000 nodes model.
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