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Морфологические особенности цветков у самоопыляющихся растений Cypripedium calceolus и Cypripedium shanxiense (Orchidaceae) // Morphological peculiarities of flowers in autogamous plants of Cypripedium calceolus and Cypripedium shanxiense (Orchidaceae)

  • Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg


During investigation of wild Cypripedium populations in the Far East and the Khabarovsk Region (June 2002, 2005) the cjntact autogamy was found in all investigated plants of C. shanxiense and a few ones of C. calceolus. Morphological characterictic features of a flower in autogamous plant are following: 1) the anthers and the stigma disposed at a short distance 9less then 1 mm); 2) unite drop of amorphous sticky pollen mass formed after the anthers opening; 3) the pollen mass can run from anther surface to stigma. 2-16 % autogamous plants were found in each of 5 investigated populations of C. calceolus. Usually only one anther takes part in self – pollination. The share of autogamous flower was 25 – 66 %, very seldom 100 %. A facultative autogamy is concluded to take place in C. calceolus in the Far East.
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