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Universal Design - Critical Success Factors



Check if your ICT project is likely to succeed on Universal Design! This self-assessment checklist is based on identified key promoting factors for universal design across 34 interviews from 21 Norwegian ICT-projects that have received design awards or high accessibility rankings for their ICT-solutions in relation to universal design. So far, the tool fits well successful (awards & rankings) and failures (media slamming & fines) of Norwegian ICT-projects. Check today: 1. Is your project likely to succeed on universal design? 2. Avoid repeating mistakes by identifying previous missing critical conditions! 3. Maintain your success streak by repeating Critical Success Factor scores of previous successes! We hope the tool will aid you in communicating what is needed to succeed on universal design and quality assure universal UX in your projects. All the best, Susanne Harder & Miriam Begnum
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