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This paper describes an advanced object-oriented AEC CAD system which integrated an 'idealised' topological model and a more detailed 'material' model. The idealised topological model was used to control the material model in a form of top-down associativity. The material model was based on rule driven parametric solid modelling with which intelligent components with different 'levels of detail' could be defined and instantiated. The whole design model was driven by direct manipulation of the idealised model by the user. Please Note: the title of this paper refers to MicroStation/J and JMDL, the Java MicroStation Development language and development environment, which in turn was based on the Java language, augmented with a persistence mechanism. Actually the main example used in this paper was called ECM, Engineering Component Modelling and was developed with OMDL, the Objective MicroStation Development Language, which in turn was based on Objective C. OMDL preceded JMDL. However, the principle
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