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The Impact of Tourism Industry on the Sustainability of Traditional Bale Banjar in Denpasar


Abstract and Figures

Traditional bale banjar (community center) for the Balinese community is an important place for performing obligatory ritual activities. However, the tourism industry has caused some adjustments to its spatial usage. Economic and institutional functions are now placed in bale banjar adat (traditional community center) to accommodate growing demand for non-ritual activities in public life. This paper describes the implication of activity change: from traditional to modern, and the commodification process of culture as an impact of tourist activities. The discussion will illustrate the formation of a public place within a recognized communal space.
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Preface Introduction 1. Max Weber and the Panic Culture of Postmodernism 2. Max Weber's Historical Sociology Part One 3. Islam, Capitalism and the Weber Theses 4. Origins and Traditions in Islam and Christianity 5. State, Science and Economy in Traditional Societies 6. Religion and State-Formation Part Two 7. The Rationalization of the Body 8. The Body Politic Part Three 9. Simmel, Rationalization and the Sociology of Money 10. Nietzsche, Weber and the Devaluation of Politics Conclusion: Sociology and the Science of 'Man'
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