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Geoengineering Tesla's Wireless Power Transmission

  • Integrity Research Institute

Abstract and Figures

The concept of wireless transmission of power, as proposed by Nikola Tesla in 1903 with the erection of the Wardenclyffe Tower on Long Island, has been largely ignored for the past century until recently. With Tesla's futuristic and efficient transmission of power, source dissipation will only be experienced when a load is engaged in a tuned resonant receiver somewhere on the earth. This fact alone represents a major leap forward in electrical transmission efficiency, even now, one hundred years later.
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The concept of wireless transmis-
sion of power, as proposed by
Nikola Tesla in 1903 with the erec-
tion of the famed Wardenclye
Tower on Long Island (seen on this
page), has largely been ignored for
the past century until recently. The
Witricity Company, citing Tesla’s
concept, received a MacArthur
Foundation grant only to explore
inductive coil coupling for short
distance power transfer. However,
Nikola Tesla is well known to have
stated the remarkable dierence of
his long distance electrical power
transmission method:
"When there is no receiver there is
no energy consumption anywhere.
When the receiver is put on, it
draws power. That is the exact op-
posite of the Hertz-wave system...
radiating all the time whether the
energy is received or not."
Thus, with Tesla’s futuristic and
ecient transmission of power,
source dissipation will only be ex-
perienced when a load is engaged
in a tuned, resonant receiver some-
where on the earth. This fact alone
represents a major leap forward in
electrical transmission eciency,
even now, one hundred years later.1
This research report is a survey ar-
ticle that serves to provide the only
update available today on the status
of realizing Nikola Tesla’s greatest
dream of providing the world with
wireless electrical power, over one
hundred years after he invented it.
Nikola Tesla's discovery of pulsed
propagation of energy does not
resemble the standard transverse
electromagnetic waves so familiar
to electrical engineers everywhere.
Many engineers and physicists have
dismissed Tesla's wireless energy
transmission as unscientic without
examining the unusual character-
istics and benets of longitudinal
waves. As a result of sponsoring the
Nikola Tesla Conference & Expo
(Nov. 8-9, 2003) in recognition of
the Centennial of the Wardenclye
Tower (1903-2003) the group of
scientists in attendance agreed that
an explanation of Tesla's supe-
rior energy transmission discovery
is warranted, to help educate the
public. An anthology, Harnessing
the Wheelwork of Nature: Tesla's
Science of Energy2, edited by this
author, was published to honor
the Centennial. It documents the
unusual method of pulsing a broad-
band Tesla coil at a repetition rate of
7.5 Hz to resonate with the Earth's
Schumann cavity.
    in
1903 stood unnished for the next 14
years. The two-story power plant, by
comparison, is in the background.
Integrity Research Institute, Beltsville MD 20705
     shows
how the Tesla Tower built on Long Island,
eighteen years ago, would have looked
completed. From its appearance nobody
would infer that it was to be used for the
great purposes which are set forth in the
accompanying article.
-- Nikola Tesla, “My Inventions V - The
Magnifying Transmitter”
Electrical Experimenter, June, 1919
Geoengineering Tesla’s
Wireless Power Transmission
 APR/MAY/JUN 201732
Dr. James Corum explains, in one of
his papers in the book entitled, Te-
sla & the Magnifying Transmitter:
A Popular Study for Engineers, that
a mechanical analog of the lumped
circuit Tesla coil is an easier model
for engineers to understand. From
mechanical engineering, the "mag-
nifying factor" can be successfully
applied to such a circuit. "The cir-
cuit is limited only by the circuit
resistance. At resonance, the cur-
rent through the circuit rises until
the voltage across the resistance is
equal to the source voltage. This cir-
cuit was a source of deep frustration
to Edison because voltmeter read-
ings taken around the loop did not
obey Kircho's laws!" As a result,
Edison claimed such a circuit was
only good for electrocution chairs.
"All that is necessary," says Co-
rum, “is that his transmitter power
and carrier frequency be capable
of round-the-world propagation."
In fact, Tesla stated, "With my
transmitter I actually sent electrical
vibrations around the world and re-
ceived them again, and I then went
on to develop my machinery" (LA
Times, Dec., 1904), which was veri-
ed by Corum.
The power loss experienced by this
pulsed, electrostatic discharge mode
of propagation is less than 5% over
25,000 miles. Dr. Van Voorhies says,
"...path losses are 0.25 dB/Mm at
10 Hz", which often is dicult for
engineers to believe, who are used
to transverse waves, a resistive me-
dium, and line-of-sight propagation
The capacitive dome of the War-
denclye Tower is a key to the
understanding of Nikola Tesla’s
unique longitudinal waves (like au-
dio pressure wavefronts), also called
scalar waves in various electromag-
netism textbooks. Dr. Rauscher
quotes Tesla, "Later he compared
it to a Van de Graa generator.
He also explained the purpose of
Wardenclye...'one does not need
to be an expert to understand that a
device of this kind is not a producer
of electricity like a dynamo, but
merely a receiver or collector with
amplifying qualities'".
Nikola Tesla, the father of AC elec-
tricity, is famous for recognizing
that an atmospheric and a terres-
trial storage battery exists here on
earth, just waiting to be tapped for
the good of mankind. This is the
wheelwork of nature that Tesla was
referring to.3 The visionary scien-
tists who have contributed to the
Harnessing the Wheelwork book
oer a collective argument of what
Tesla meant by that phrase. Dr. An-
drija Puharich, whose biography of
Tesla is rich with personal insights,
also develops with great care, the
background and unexpected uses
for Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter
(TMT), another phrase for Tesla’s
wireless transmission of electrical
power, as distinguished from wire-
less telegraphy for which he is also
famous. It is surprisingly practical,
even today, as the brilliant minds in
this book prove. Nikola Tesla was
at least a century ahead of his time,
 was issued March 20, 1900 and provides the basis for Tesla’s
system for the wireless transmission of electrical power .
33 APR/MAY/JUN 2017
however, so people stole his ideas,
left him penniless, and ignored his
saintly concern for the human race.
It is projected that, as global com-
munity consciousness expands in
the 21st century, Tesla’s ideas about
sharing energy with the whole world
will be more understood and appre-
Today we are faced with the con-
sequences of the fateful decision in
1905 by J. P. Morgan to abandon
Tesla’s Wardenclye Tower proj-
ect on Long Island, once he learned
that it would be designed mainly for
wireless transmission of electrical
power, rather than telegraphy. He is
reported to have complained that he
would not be able to collect money
from the customer in any feasible
way. This mercenary attitude by the
world’s richest man forced the na-
tion to pay for thousands of miles
of transmission line wires, just so
an electrical utility meter could be
placed on everyone’s house. In the
same vein, the US Energy Asso-
ciation in Washington, DC trains
representatives from the former
Russian states how to reliably do
the same in their countries, in or-
der to ensure monthly payments for
electricity delivery.
History and Development of Theory
No one, except for the few great
physicists like Drs. Corum, Simos,
Rauscher, Van Vlaenderen, Meyl,
and Van Voorhies, has realized that
Tesla was very practical when he
proposed the resonant generation
and wireless transmission of use-
ful electrical power, after returning
from his experiments at Colorado
Springs in 1900. For example,
Professor Rauscher shows that the
earth’s ionosphere and magneto-
sphere contains sucient potential
energy (at least 3 billion kilowatts
each) so that the resonant excitation
of the earth-ionosphere cavity can
reasonably be expected to increase
the amplitude of natural “Schu-
mann” frequencies, facilitating the
capture of useful electrical power4.
Tesla knew that the earth could be
treated as one big spherical conduc-
tor and the ionosphere as another
bigger spherical conductor, so that
together they have parallel plates
and thus, comprise a “spherical ca-
pacitor.” Dr. Rauscher calculates
the capacitance to be about 15,000
microfarads for the complete earth-
ionosphere cavity capacitor. W.O.
Schumann is credited for predict-
ing the “self-oscillations” of the
conducting sphere of the earth,
surrounded by an air layer and an
ionosphere in 1952, without know-
ing that Tesla had found the earth’s
fundamental frequency fty years
In comparison to the 3 billion kW
available from the earth system, it is
possible to calculate what the U.S.
consumed in electricity. In 2000,
about 11 Quads (quadrillion Btu)
were actually used by consumers
for electrical needs, which is equal
to 3.7 trillion kWh. Dividing by the
8760 hours in a year, we nd that
only 425 million kW are needed
on site to power our entire country.
This would still leave 2.6 billion
kW for the rest of the world, which
only needs 1.7 billion kW (by 2001
US DOE estimates).
In the US, out of the total electri-
cal power generated using wire
transmission (about 31 Quads), a
full 2/3 is totally wasted in “con-
version losses.”6 (Ref.: Electricity
Flow Chart 1999, which contains
US DOE/EIA data.) No other en-
ergy production system of any kind
in the world has so much wasteful-
ness. Instead of trying to build 2
power plants per week (at 300 MW
each) for the next 20 years (only to
have a total of additional 6 trillion
kWh available by 2020), as former
VP Dick Cheney wanted to do, we
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In 1899, Nikola Tesla—the world’s fore-
most electrical wizard of his time—
physically demonstrated the wireless
transmission of power in Colorado
Springs. Over the next 50 years, Tesla
failed in his attempts to bring power to
the people. Articles and letters to vari-
ous editors form a clear, coherent, and
articulate visualization of Tesla’s con-
cept of power, and how he could move
immense amounts of currents through
the earth with his ultimate power ma-
chine. Tesla’s famous article... The
Problem of Increasing Human Energy
is included. Read Tesla’s writings and
see that his dream of wireless power
IS practical and the obstacles from the
“organized opposition” he encountered
in his Herculean struggle to realize his
dream become self-evident.
290008 -Tesla View on Wireless . 19.95
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On the Wireless
of Power
compiled by
With Additional Material by
A compendium of patents, diagrams,
photos and explanations of the many
inventions of the originator of the mod-
ern era of electrication. Topics such as
wireless power, death rays, and radio
controlled airships described by Tesla.
Illustrated with 100’s of rare photos,
drawings and patents, includes materi-
al on German bases in Antarctica, and
a secret city built at a remote jungle site
in South America by Marconi. Numer-
ous inventions/patents and their pur-
poses are detailed. (342pp)
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thought, word, and action. Hu-
manity will be united, wars will
be made impossible, and peace
will reign supreme.7
The same article which contains this
prophetic quotation from Tesla also
notes that his “World System” was
conceptually based on three inven-
tions of his:
1 The Tesla Transformer (aka the
Tesla coil)
2 The Magnifying Transmitter
(transformer adapted to excite
the earth)
3 The Wireless System (economic
transmission of electrical energy
without wires)
Tesla states,
The rst World System power
plant can be put in operation
in nine months. With this power
plant it will be practicable to at-
tain electrical activities up to 10
million horsepower (7.5 billion
watts), and it is designed to serve
for as many technical achieve-
ments as are possible without
due expense.8
(Note that Tesla’s calculated power
levels are conservatively estimated,
compared to Rauscher’s calcula-
The essay by Toby Grotz on the wire-
less transmission of power is a great
introduction to this wireless power
system of Tesla. It contains all of the
details for a preliminary test of the
system. His Figure 5 in Harnessing
the Wheelwork of Nature (pg 170)
illustrates the transmission of a high
voltage pulse of electricity equally
around the world where it rebounds
at the opposite side and returns to
its source, repeating the cycle many
times. Grotz also worked with Dr.
Corum on “Project TESLA,” which
was a business venture designed to
implement the wireless transmis-
sion of electricity.
simply need to eliminate the 7 tril-
lion kWh of conversion losses in
our present electricity generation
modality. Tesla’s wireless transmis-
sion of power accomplishes this
goal, better than any distributed
As Tesla himself said,
In the near future we shall see a
great many uses of electricity…
we shall be able to disperse fogs
by electric force and powerful
and penetrative rays…
wireless plants will be installed
for the purpose of illuminating
the oceans…picture transmission
by ordinary telegraphic methods
will soon be achieved…
another valuable novelty will be
a typewriter electrically oper-
ated by the human voice…
we shall have smoke annihila-
tors, dust absorbers, sterilizers of
water, air, food and clothing…
it will become next to impossible
to contract disease germs and
country folk will go to town to
rest and get well…
If we use fuel to get our power,
we are living on our capital
and exhausting it rapidly. This
method is barbarous and wan-
tonly wasteful and will have
to be stopped in the interest of
coming generations.
The inevitable conclusion is that
waterpower is by far our most
valuable resource. On this hu-
manity must build its hopes for
the future. With its full develop-
ment and a perfect system of
wireless transmission of the en-
ergy to any distance, man will be
able to solve all the problems of
material existence.
Distance, which is the chief im-
pediment to human progress,
will be completely annihilated in
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posed to know about Tesla. As famous
as Edison in the 1890’s, Tesla became
invisible in ocial history, and his later
inventions taboo. Here are the inven-
tions that got him into trouble as well
as instructions for building Tesla coils
and other projects. Many taboo inven-
tions were patented. Here they are
translated from legalese into clear
English, the drawings into lucid illus-
tration. This merges all ve booklets
of the popular Tesla Technology Series
many new illustrations plus four new
articles including The Tesla Mystique
and Tesla Electrotherapy.
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gy and Zero Point Energy engineering
that will soon change the entire way we
live. This is a highly illustrated, fasci-
nating, and technical compendium on
the world of super science envisioned
by Tesla over 100 years ago! Authors
include John Shatlan, Toby Grotz,
Nikola Tesla, Andrija Puharich, Oliver
Nichelson, Dr. Robert Bass, Charles
Yost, and Thomas Valone. Compiled
by the director of Integrity Research
Institute, a popular speaker on new
energy, this contains some of the best
material on Tesla.
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Harnessing the
of Nature
Tesla’s Science
of Energy
Lost Inventions,
Radio Tesla, Tesla Coil
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electrical energy, a “longitudinal”
acoustic-type of compression wave,
rather than an electromagnetic Hert-
zian-type of transverse wave.
It is also understood that Tesla
planned to include stationary reso-
nant wave creation as part of the
wireless transmission of power.
Examining the pair of 1900 patents
#645,576 and #649,621, each using
the same gure on the rst page, we
nd in the rst patent that Tesla has
designed a quarter-wave antenna
(50 miles of secondary coil wire for
a 200 mile long wavelength). More
importantly is the sphere on the top
which is supposed to be a conduc-
tive surface on a balloon raised high
enough to be radiating in “rareed
air.” As Tesla states,
That communication without
wires to any point of the globe
is practical with such apparatus
would need no demonstration,
but through a discovery which
I made I obtained absolute cer-
tainty. Popularly explained it is
Dr. Corum notes in his introductory
article on the ELF (extremely low
frequency) oscillator of Tesla’s that
the tuned circuit of Tesla’s magni-
fying transmitter was the whole
earth-ionosphere cavity. His second
article presents probably the most
complete article on Tesla’s magni-
fying transmitter that has ever been
written. He explains in great detail
the meaning of magnication as
Tesla intended, with examples and
There are two diagrams produced
here (Analogy and Realization)
from the turn of the century to help
explain in simple terms Tesla’s wire-
less transmission of electrical power.
The rst is a mechanical “Analogy”
that is described in Corum’s ELF
disclosure article. The second is the
“Realization” which illustrates the
usefulness of the power transmis-
sion concept.
Tesla wrote,
That electrical energy can be ec-
onomically transmitted without
wires to any terrestrial distance,
I have unmistakably established
in numerous observations, ex-
periments and measurements,
qualitative and quantitative.
These have demonstrated that it
is practicable to distribute power
from a central plant in unlimited
amounts, with a loss not exceed-
ing a small fraction of one per
cent in the transmission, even
to the greatest distance, twelve
thousand miles – to the opposite
end of the globe.9
As Tesla experimented with a 1.5
MW system in 1899 at Colorado
Springs, he was amazed to nd
that pulses of electricity he sent out
passed across the entire globe and
returned with “undiminished
strength.” He said, “It was a result
so unbelievable that the revelation at
rst almost stunned me.”10 This veri-
ed the tremendous eciency of his
peculiar method of pumping current
into a spherical ball to charge it up
before discharging it as a pulse of
Tesla’s own description of how he imagined electromagnetic waves passing through the Earth. From “Famous Scientic Illu-
sions” by Nikola Tesla. The Electrical Experimenter, Volume VI, No. 70, February, 1919, Page 692.
 APR/MAY/JUN 2017
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suered ruthless suppression. In 1939,
the device was destroyed.
Today, modern physics recognizes
zero-point energy. Other inventors dis-
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exactly this: When we raise the
voice and hear an echo in re-
ply, we know that the sound of
the voice must have reached a
distant wall, or boundary, and
must have been reected from
the same. Exactly as the sound,
so an electrical wave is reected,
and the same evidence which is
aorded by an echo is oered by
an electrical phenomena known
as a ‘stationary’ wave – that is, a
wave with xed nodal and ventral
regions. Instead of sending sound
vibrations toward a distant wall,
I have sent electrical vibrations
toward the remote boundaries of
the earth, and instead of the wall,
the earth has replied. In place of
an echo, I have obtained a sta-
tionary electrical wave, a wave
reected from afar.11
It is also worth calling attention to
Corum’s disclosure article on the
operation of an ELF oscillator, he
proposes that Tesla’s x-ray patents
were designed for the switching
of high voltages in the charging
and discharging of the dome of
the Wardenclye tower (US Patent
1,119,732). Dr. Bass’ article elabo-
rates on the details of longitudinal
waves that would be created by
such discharges. They have superi-
or properties of transmission which
normal radio and television waves
today do not possess. Nikola Tesla
was very familiar with their benets
and designed the tower according-
As Tesla states,
As to the transmission of power
through space, that is a project
which I considered absolutely
certain of success long since.
Years ago I was in the position
to transmit wireless power to
any distance without limit other
than that imposed by the physi-
cal dimensions of the globe. In
my system it makes no dierence
what the distance is.
The eciency of the transmis-
sion can be as high as 96 or 97
percent, and there are practi-
cally no losses except such as
are inevitable in the running of
the machinery. When there is
no receiver there is no energy
consumption anywhere. When
the receiver is put on, it draws
power. That is the exact opposite
of the Hertz-wave system. In that
case, if you have a plant of 1,000
horsepower (750 kW), it is ra-
diating all the time whether the
energy is received or not; but in
my system no power is lost. When
there are no receivers, the plant
consumes only a few horsepower
necessary to maintain the vibra-
tion; it runs idle, as the Edison
plant when the lamps and motors
are shut o.12
These incredible facts are explained
by Dr. Corum and Spainol else-
where, “…the distinction between
Tesla’s system and ‘Hertzian’ waves
is to be clearly understood. Tesla,
and others of his day, used the term
‘Hertzian waves’ to describe what
we call today, energy transfer by
wireless transverse electromagnetic
(TEM) radiation…no one wants to
stand in front of a high power ra-
 APR/MAY/JUN 2017
Receiving coil a great distance from the
transmitter lighting a light bulb (white
spot) in a test of Tesla’s wireless trans-
mission of power in 1899. Note Pikes
Peak in the background.
dar antenna. For these, E and H are
in phase, the power ow is a ‘real’
quantity (as opposed to reactive),
and the surface integral of E x H
(Poynting vector) is nonzero.
The case is not so simple in an
unloaded power system, an RF
transformer with a tuned second-
ary, or with a cavity resonator. In
these situations, the elds are in
phase quadrature, the circulating
power is reactive and the average
Poynting ux is zero – unless a load
is applied. They deliver no power
without a resistive load.
These are clearly the power systems
which Tesla created. The poly-
phase power distribution system
was created by him in the 1880s
and inaugurated at Niagara Falls in
1895. The RF transformer was in-
vented and patented by him in the
1890s. Terrestrial resonances he ex-
perimentally discovered at the turn
of the century. And, for the next
40 years he tried to bring through
to commercial reality this global
power system. Today, millions of us
have working scale models of it in
our kitchens, while the larger ver-
sion sits idle.”13 Even our cars have
been using miniature Tesla coils to
power the spark plugs.
In the same “Cavity Q” article, the
authors also settle the most com-
mon criticism of the Tesla wireless
power system regarding biological
eects. Calculating the circulating
reactive power, they nd a density
of a microVAR per cubic meter at
7.8 Hz to be quite small, while it is
well-known that the frequency is
very biologically compatible. The
authors also look at the present 100
V/m eld and again nd that raising
it by a factor of 4 to 10 will pose no
ill eects. (Thunderstorms do it all
of the time around the world.)
In 1925, an electrical engineer, John
B Flowers, developed a proposal to
test and implement Tesla’s Wireless
Power System. He drafted the entire
scheme for the Wardenclye proj-
ect and presented it to H. L. Curtis,
physicist, and J. H. Dillinger, head
of the Radio Laboratory at the Bu-
reau of Standards in Washington,
DC. In a carefully worded 10-page
document, complete with schematic
drawings of the earth imbued with
Tesla standing waves, Flowers un-
veiled a plan for operating cars and
planes powered by wireless elec-
tricity (Sketch A). The plan was
declined even though the mechani-
cal test in Sketch B actually worked.
Below is a report on the test results
of the mechanical model of Tesla’s
wireless system:
Using the concepts in Sketch B, a
mechanical oscillator arm was fas-
tened to the tied opening of a rubber
balloon 20 inches in diameter. The
oscillator arm was operated with
an electrical motor at 1750 RPM
by means of an eccentric on the
motor shaft. The balloon hung free
in the air. The rubber surface of
the balloon represented the earth’s
conducting surface and the air
inside its insulating interior. The
waves were propagated in the rub-
ber surface at the rate of 51 feet per
second, the frequency of transmis-
sion was 29 cycles per second and
the wavelength was 21 inches. The
mechanical oscillator was used in
place of Tesla’s electrical oscilla-
tor as it presents an almost perfect
analogy. Standing or stationary
waves of the rubber surface re-
place the electromagnetic waves
of Tesla’s system.
By the test of this analog, the op-
eration of Tesla’s system can be
forecast. When the oscillator arm
was set in motion by operating
the motor, there were three stand-
ing waves having six loops on
the ‘earth’s surface’ all having the
same amplitude of vibration! When
the nger was pushed against one
or more loops, all the loops were
reduced in amplitude in the same
proportion showing the ability to
obtain all the power out at one or
more points! The waves extended
completely around the ‘world’ and
returned to the sending station.”14
Mechanical drawing a Tesla Magnifying
Transformer highlighted in Tesla’s US
Patent 1,119,732
 APR/MAY/JUN 2017
 APR/MAY/JUN 2017
Modern Research in Geoengineer-
ing Tesla’s Wireless Power
An aspect of the Tesla wireless the-
ory refers to a pulsed, electrostatic
discharge (longitudinal) acoustic
type of compression wave. That is
why the Wardenclye Tower has a
sphere on top like Tesla's US Pat-
ent #645,576. A conductive sphere
charged to millions of volts will have
an E eld radially outward. If we
pulse the sphere with a high voltage,
the Poynting vector (S) and the E
eld are in the same direction. S still
is in the direction of propagation but
now the wave is a nonlinear, com-
pressed bunch of charges moving
radially outward. Some physicists
who have analyzed this phenom-
enon, rarely known in EM physics
(even though the solutions appear
in Maxwell's equations), report that
the magnetic B eld is spiraling in
a helical fashion around the radial
direction, since the moving charges
constitute a radial current pulse.
This behavior is quite dierent than
the Hertzian, transverse waves most
engineers know about.
Dr. James Corum's primer for engi-
neers explains the voltage magnier
section where, the transmission line
resonator and the cavity resonator-
potential magnication is tied into
"Case I" section and the Beat Fre-
quency modulation section "Case
II" thus creating standing waves
with zero envelope velocity. Corum
further explains the charging cycle
for the Wardenclye Tower very
well where we nd the important
conclusion that the "tuned circuit
of his magnifying transmitter was
the whole earth-ionosphere cavity
resonator." Very few scientists have
studied James and Kenneth Corum
who present a wealth of knowledge
about Tesla.
Dr. Nick Simos (from Brookhaven
National Labs) also has presented15
wave shrinks in range as the
frequency is increased. Alterna-
tively, the lower the frequency,
the less the propagation attenu-
ation and the greater the eld
strength of the Zenneck surface
wave at very large distances
from the site of transmission…
This insight is brought to an excit-
ing conclusion in the same patent
application with the Corum obser-
vation... Note that if the frequency
is low enough, it may be possible
to transmit a guided surface wave
around the entire Earth. It is be-
lieved that such frequencies may be
at or below approximately 20-25
With that ideal frequency range,
the at surface model can be modi-
ed to become a sphere, just like
the earth, “where the propagation
distances approach the size of the
terrestrial medium”.
Needless to say, such a clear break-
through in both the theoretical and
experimental conrmation of Te-
sla’s original wireless transmission
records, leading to a practical con-
clusion with much more precision
than ever before, should expedite
the implementation of wireless
energy for mankind. Just the num-
ber of patent applications that the
Corums have led18 is a good in-
dication of intellectual property
that we all hope will lead to a more
secure and stable electrical trans-
mission virtual “grid” for this 21st
century. Contrast this picture with
the present aging and problematic
national electric grid we currently
struggle with, which has trouble ac-
cepting large renewal energy input
surges, lest a grid section becomes
Our hope must be that renewable,
carbon-free energy can be exclu-
sively used to generate the electrical
input. Then the true, wirelessly pow-
on “Tesla Unplugged” with an ex-
planation of nature’s available
longitudinal wave coupling between
the ionosphere and the earth using
what are known as “cavity modes”
(earth-ionosphere cavity) based
on Maxwell’s Equations. Simos
also derives the 11.78 Hz resonant
frequency for transmission, inde-
pendently from Corum’s work.
The latest research update is still
accredited to the Corum team. The
report in, Nikola Tesla’s Electricity
Unplugged,16 oers the most mod-
ern development in the evolution of
scientic analysis of Tesla’s wireless
transmission of power, with theory
and experimental corroboration on
the history of a rediscovered geoen-
gineering “surface wave” theory
and experiment which includes the
famed Bell Telephone Laboratory
experiment. Gary Peterson oers an
overview rst Tesla magazine17 to
address the Corum discovery of the
Zenneck surface wave and put it in
After studying the graph of Fig-
ure B1(NTEU, p. 422), it occurs
to anyone of ordinary skill that as
the frequency of transmission is
lowered, the range for the Zenneck
wave increases, which is in keeping
with the “The Seneca Lake Experi-
ment Repeated” appended article of
the Corums, proving the theory and
distance-frequency relationship.
This insight into the value of this
discovery relates directly to this
available manipulation of attenu-
ation if worldwide transmission is
desired, with minimum attenuation.
The Corum US patent application
#20140252886 also conrms the
observation made above:
Another way to state that is that
the higher the frequency, the
smaller the region over which
the energy is spread, so the
greater the energy density. Thus,
the ‘knee’ of the Zenneck surface
 APR/MAY/JUN 2017
ered Tesla automobile may quite
possibly be resurrected, besides dis-
tributing electrical power wirelessly
with modest geoengineering through
excitation of the earth’s crust and its
earth-ionosphere cavity, thus en-
abling resonant, stationary electrical
receivers all over the globe to couple
to the Tesla transmitter(s) located
even thousands of miles away.
Speaking of wireless transmitters
and receivers, it is worth mentioning
the Leyh and Kennan’s Lightning
On Demand company article on
ecient wireless transmission of
power with two large Tesla coils
which was published in an IEEE
Power Symposium proceedings in
2008.19 They are also building the
world’s largest lightning generator
pair with ten story high Tesla coils,
which is also on their website. Also
interesting information for wireless
transmission designers is the fact
that more than just another Tesla
coil is recommended for good re-
Tesla has disclosed some infor-
mation about the receiver design
“synchronizing” with the transmit-
ter, in his US patent #685,954 (see
Tesla’s receiver circuit diagram
below), which is available through and elsewhere. Ap-
parently there is more to the specic
design that is surprisingly still clas-
sied. For those with clearance, this
editor has learned that Nikola Tes-
la’s classied records are stored and
available at the National Archives
Library in College Park MD.
All of us who are part of the Te-
sla community hope that we will
see Tesla’s dream of wireless elec-
trical power manifest within our
lifetime, so that we may truly be
“unplugged” from the umbilical
cord that J. P. Morgan forced upon
us, through the electrical utility
grid, when he denied Tesla’s request
for further funds to nish the War-
denclye Tower. It is hoped that the
new literature review Nikola Tesla’s
Electricity Unplugged will help that
process along so wireless electricity
will be as commonplace as wireless
telephones and wireless television
have become, about a century, more
or less, after their inception.
In terms of economic theory, many
countries will benet from this ser-
vice. At rst, receiving stations will
be needed. Just like television and
radio, only an energy receiver is
required, which may eventually be
built into appliances, so no power
cord will be necessary! Just think,
monthly electric utility bills will
be optional, like “cable TV.” Tesla
was an electrical genius who revo-
lutionized our world in a way that
DC power could never have accom-
plished, since the resistance of any
transmission lines, (except perhaps,
superconductive ones), is prohibi-
tive for direct current. He deserved
much better treatment from all three
Shipping /Handling Rates
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This book was written by a scientist
and licensed professional engineer
who worked closely with Hutchison.
The author personally witnessed some
of the strange phenomena associated
with John and his apparatus. Based on
correspondence with John, this book
shows what underlies The Hutchison
Eect and why conventional physics
explanations of the phenomena are
inadequate. Electrical circuit diagrams
and color plates never before seen de-
tail the apparatus John used to make
objects y about in his laboratory, frac-
ture in unusual ways, and create other
startling eects.
320033 - MindBending ............... 25.00
The Hutchison Files:
1981 to 1995
TeslaTech, LLC
Call (520) 463-1994
The mysterious Unipolar Dynamo, so
simple that even the earth’s core has
one, so powerful that it forges metal
alloy billets and launches a rail gun!
Here is all the history, operating prin-
ciples, practical construction details,
and pictures of Faraday disk/unipolar/
homopolar generators. In 1980, Valone
began to build/test homopolar genera-
tors for the elusive ‘back torque’. What
does the torque push against when the
magnet spins with the disk? How can
the back torque or armature reaction
be diminished or counteracted? These
questions are answered in the book.
220020- Homopolar Handbook ...25.00
A Denitive Guide to
Faraday Disk and N-
Machine Technologies
Amazing biography
of Canadian
electrical experimenter
John Hutchison
Tesla’s receiver circuit diagram
 APR/MAY/JUN 2017
of the tycoons described above, than
to spend the last 40 years of his life
in abject poverty. However, he was
too much of a gentleman to hold a
grudge. Instead, regarding the mag-
nifying transmitter, Tesla wrote in
his autobiography,
I am unwilling to accord to some
small-minded and jealous indi-
viduals the satisfaction of having
thwarted my eorts. These men
are to me nothing more than mi-
crobes of a nasty disease. My
project was retarded by laws of
nature. The world was not pre-
pared for it. It was too far ahead
of time. But the same laws will
prevail in the end and make it a
triumphal success.20
The Wardenclye Tower Centen-
nial, (1903-2003) to many, signies
an extraordinary cause to remember
and resurrect. The scientists who
have contributed to the geoengi-
neering research are available to
make such a global wonder a re-
ality. The benets, immediately
alleviating electric power shortages
everywhere, are too numerous to
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one on Tesla’s wireless energy.
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... Afterwards, it can be stored into a capacitor or a battery via a dc conversion. Historically, Tesla invented some different wireless power transmission components at the beginning of 1900 [12]. After one century, the wireless power transmission gets much interest due to the raising importance of electricity in all sectors from mobile to electric vehicles [13]. ...
Full-text available
In this study, a low frequency wireless power transfer (LFWPT) device has been designed and implemented. The aim of investigation of low frequency system is to eliminate the un-healthy situation due to non-ionized radiation of the high frequency regimes. The transmitter uses a special winding to transmit the electromagnetic signals to the environment, especially for a few centimeters distance. The receiver winding, which is the same with the transmitter winding catches the signal and stores it in capacitor. The system uses maximum 17,649 Hz to transmit the signal, that is fairly low compared to the other studies in the literature. A DC-AC inverter is used to obtain high frequency signals for the transmitter circuit. The experiments have proven that the receiving antenna can get 1 V amplitude from the transmitted peak-to-peak amplitude of 140 V at the operation frequency.
Full-text available
This article presents a new model of a dedicated air transformer for computer analyses of wireless power transfer systems. This model includes a form of subcircuit for SPICE. It takes into account the electric, magnetic and thermal properties of the modeled device. The form of the elaborated model is presented and the results of its experimental verification are shown. Some results from measurements and computations of an air transformer and a wireless power transfer system containing this transformer are shown and discussed. The structure of the tested system and the measuring setup used are also described. The results of measurements and computations illustrating the influence of the distance between the windings of the air transformer and the displacement between its windings on the output voltage of the power transfer system are presented and discussed. The influence of load resistance on the properties of the considered system is analyzed.
In this remarkable and complete story of his discovery of the "True Wireless" and the principles upon which transmission and reception, even in the present day systems, are based, Dr. Nikola shows us that he is indeed the "Father of the Wireless." To him the Hertz wave
Harnessing the Earth-Ionosphere Resonant Cavity" in Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature
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org to obtain this collector's edition of Tesla magazine or to subscribe On one of their webpages view_tesla_magazine.html is posted a free PDF of a few articles, including one on Tesla's wireless energy. 18 Corum US patent applications include
  • Visit
Visit to obtain this collector's edition of Tesla magazine or to subscribe. On one of their webpages view_tesla_magazine.html is posted a free PDF of a few articles, including one on Tesla's wireless energy. 18 Corum US patent applications include 20160079643, 2016007944, 20160079645, 20160080034, 20140252886, 20140252865 and Corum patents 4622558, 4751515, 5442978, 5654723 related to Tesla wireless transmission.
jsp?arnumber=5307364 but is free from the authors' website http
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