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This Book intends to present an understanding about ground principles of e-Business and types of Business Models in e-Business. At the end of the book there are some Case Studies in order to explain some of the characteristics of e-Business in practice. This book was intended for Bachelor Students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, at State University of Tetova and the South East European University, in the Period of the y. 2006-2010.
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The payment system represents a sum of instruments, procedures and infrastructure for money transfer. It is of great importance for all economic agents since it enables fast and efficient payments in the national economy as well as internationally. Electronic payment system functionality is measured through analysis of the transactions committed, structure of the electronic instruments available within a country, and payment instruments used during payment of purchased or ordered products or services. The use of Electronic Payment Instruments in Macedonia is growing steadily, which shows that the EPS system in this country is continually growing and is in some extend well organized, people are friendly to ICT and conduct electronic transactions easily. E-banking activities in Macedonia started, but remain in low levels; which is a fact for e-commerce activities in general.
From the Publisher:This text will fit best in an MIS course where students have to do a lot of hands-on,problem-solving projects,especially on the Internet. Haag works well for professors who want an interactive,engaging experience. If a professor has large classes or wants a way to get everyone involved (bus/non-business majors),this is the book for them. The overall content and organization of the book has been retained,providing a clearly focused overview of Information Systems. The Second Edition continues to cover Management Information Systems concepts with a different approach and organization of topics compared to traditional introductory I. S. books for example. Electronic Commerce and its effect on organizations is a major theme in this text,threaded through each chapter. The authors assume that students know a little about hardware and software and focus more on the way organizations use information systems. There are many sidebars,boxes,and examples pulled from real-world organizations and many individual and group projects for students to work on-tying theory to practice. This is perhaps our most practical,hands-on text.
This book offers an accessible overview of key concepts in e-business at an introductory level, and is illustrated with case studies throughout. It combines this accessibility with rigour and is informed by research and practice from marketing , information technology, strategy and organisational studies. This book has been designed to develop the necessary analytical skills for students to evaluate e-business models and issues that will enable them to identify, analyse and evaluate future technologies. Also available is a companion website with extra features to accompany the text, please take a look by clicking below -
3.1. Protokolli për transfer të thjeshtë të postës elektronike-SMTP
  • . . Dhe Protokollet E Saja
II.3. Posta elektronike (e-mail) dhe protokollet e saja........................................................24 II.3.1. Protokolli për transfer të thjeshtë të postës elektronike-SMTP..........................24 II.3.2. Protokolli për Menaxhim të thjeshtë të rrjetit-SNMP........................................24
50% tjetër është e lidhur ngushtë me secilin nga klientët tanë, prandaj ne reagojmë sa më shpejtë që të jetë e mundur, pasi që të marrim të dhënat prej tyre
  • Mattel
  • Com, ka mësuar shumë duke punuar me Wal-Mart-in, dhe po i implementon ato përvoja në kanalet tjera të furnizimit te klientët tjerë, thotë Ztr.Eckroth. "Optimalizimi i kanalit të furnizimit brenda Mattel-it është vetëm 50% e ekuacionit", deklaron ai. "50% tjetër është e lidhur ngushtë me secilin nga klientët tanë, prandaj ne reagojmë sa më shpejtë që të jetë e mundur, pasi që të marrim të dhënat prej tyre". Lidhjet e afërta, thotë Ztr.Eckroth, do të mundësojnë Mattel-in, të ballafaqojë problemin e ardhshëm biznesor: ngritjen e efikasitetit të prodhimit.
Corporate Information Strategy and Management" 6th Edition
  • L M Applegate
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Magic Quadrant for Wireless LAN Infrastructure
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