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Yews of Nepal

  • Plant Research Centre Jumla Nepal

Abstract and Figures

Nepal’s rich biodiversity has tremendous potential for economic development of the country. To materialize the national policy of development through the optimum and sustainable utilization of natural resources, the Government of Nepal has prioritized 33 plant species for further research and agro-technology development. Being one of the species included in the list and having high medicinal value in traditional as well as modern health care systems, Yew (Taxus), that has extensive distribution in Nepal offers unlimited prospects of economic development and social prosperity. This plant is globally renowned natural source of Taxol. Taxol is a chemotherapy drug to treat cancer having generic name as Paclitaxel, which is extracted mainly from the leaves of the yew trees. Taxol is widely used in the treatment of breast, ovarian, lung, bladder, prostate, melanoma, esophageal as well as other types of solid tumor cancers. Yews are slow growing evergreen dioecious trees, with trunk sizes reaching more than 5m and a height of up to 30m in Nepal. Traditionally yew is highly valued to make household tools, religious artifacts and construction of suspension bridge and buildings. In the last two decades, the pressure on the natural population of Yew along the Himalaya has increased severely due to commercial exploitation. This plant is not only in the pressure of indiscriminate felling for taxol production but is also suffering from intensified human activities like habitat destruction and global climate change impacts. Although Forest Act of Nepal has recognized this species as a threatened plant and is giving highest priority for its protection, few gaps about number of species in Nepal, their distribution range and nomenclature have been identified which has caused discrepancies in the existing conservation efforts and its trade. Based on extensive field visits and review of literature and herbarium records, an actual distribution range of Taxus species in Nepal has been thoroughly assessed. Morphologically, ecologically and genetically distinct three species were found distributed into three different eco-climatic zones of Nepal. Taxus contorta, a west Himalayan temperate species is spreading from Darchula District of West Nepal to the northern belt of Gorkha District in Central Nepal. Taxus mairei is found scattered in relatively low lying areas of Kavrepalanchok, Makwanpur and Sindhuli Districts of Central Nepal, while Taxus wallichiana, being an east Himalayan species covers the temperate regions of east to central Nepal extending from Taplejung to the south east part of Baglung District to the west. Improved management practices needed to restore natural population and appropriate cultivation techniques necessary for extensive farming of all three species in the respective geographic and eco-climatic zones of Nepal are discussed. Recommendations are provided to revise existing policies and carry out interdisciplinary research on natural population restoration, farming and commercialization for economic prosperity.
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Yews of Nepal
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Citation: Bhatt G.D., Poudel R.C., Pandey T.R. and Basnet R. (2017). Yews of Nepal.
National Herbarium and Plant Laboratories (NHPL), Godawari, Lalitpur.
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ISBN: 978-9937-0-2459-4
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Nepal’s rich biodiversity has tremendous potential for economic development of the country. To materialize
the national policy of development through the optimum and sustainable utilization of natural resources,
the Government of Nepal has prioritized 33 plant species for further research and agro-technology
development. Being one of the species included in the list and having high medicinal value in traditional as
well as modern health care systems, Yew (Taxus), that has extensive distribution in Nepal offers unlimited
prospects of economic development and social prosperity. This plant is globally renowned natural source
of Taxol. Taxol is a chemotherapy drug to treat cancer having generic name as Paclitaxel, which is extracted
mainly from the leaves of the yew trees. Taxol is widely used in the treatment of breast, ovarian, lung,
bladder, prostate, melanoma, esophageal as well as other types of solid tumor cancers.
Yews are slow growing evergreen dioecious trees, with trunk sizes reaching more than 5m and a height of
up to 30m in Nepal. Traditionally yew is highly valued to make household tools, religious artifacts and
construction of suspension bridge and buildings. In the last two decades, the pressure on the natural
population of Yew along the Himalaya has increased severely due to commercial exploitation. This plant is
not only in the pressure of indiscriminate felling for taxol production but is also suffering from intensified
human activities like habitat destruction and global climate change impacts. Although Forest Act of Nepal
has recognized this species as a threatened plant and is giving highest priority for its protection, few gaps
about number of species in Nepal, their distribution range and nomenclature have been identified which
has caused discrepancies in the existing conservation efforts and its trade.
Based on extensive field visits and review of literature and herbarium records, an actual distribution range
of Taxus species in Nepal has been thoroughly assessed. Morphologically, ecologically and genetically
distinct three species were found distributed into three different eco-climatic zones of Nepal. Taxus contorta,
a west Himalayan temperate species is spreading from Darchula District of West Nepal to the northern belt
of Gorkha District in Central Nepal. Taxus mairei is found scattered in relatively low lying areas of
Kavrepalanchok, Makwanpur and Sindhuli Districts of Central Nepal, while Taxus wallichiana, being an
east Himalayan species covers the temperate regions of east to central Nepal extending from Taplejung to
the south east part of Baglung District to the west. Improved management practices needed to restore
natural population and appropriate cultivation techniques necessary for extensive farming of all three species
in the respective geographic and eco-climatic zones of Nepal are discussed. Recommendations are provided
to revise existing policies and carry out interdisciplinary research on natural population restoration, farming
and commercialization for economic prosperity.
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(Flora Indica)
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(Tentamen Florae Napalensis Illustrate) df lbPsf] kfOG535 . pQm
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Isolectotype of Taxus wallichiana ( accessed on 2017/04/01)
gyflgon jflnrn] g]kfnsf] lzjk'/Laf6 ;g\ !*@)–!*@! tfsf ;+sng u/L xfn l:j8]gsf] xj{]l/oddf ;+u|lxt 6\ofS;;
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- 6 _
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(David Douglas) n] ;g\ !*@% df nf}7;Nnf cd]l/sL dxfb]zsf] pQ/–klZrddf kfOg] hfgsf/L lbP .
;g\ !*## df xf8L{ qm'd (Hardy Croom) n] nf}7;Nnf cd]l/sfsf] ˆnf]l/8fdf kfOG5 eGg] tYo cufl8
NofP eg] ;g\ !*#& df lqmli6ofg Ox/]gju{ (Christian Ehrenberg) n] d]lS;sf]df klg 6\ofS;; kfOg]
k'li6 u/] . pQ/–klZrd k|zfGt dxf;fu/sf] l;dfgf If]qdf kfOg] nf}7;NnfnfO{ yf]d; g6n (Thomas
Nuttall) n] ;g\ !*$( df 6\ofS;; a|]lekmf]lnof (Taxus brevifolia) egL gfdfs/0f u/] . ;g\ !*%$ df
ljlnod lu|lkmy (William Griffith) n] klZrd lxdfnodf kfOg] nf}7;Nnf 6\ofS;; sG6f]6f{ xf] egL l/kf]6{
u/] . o:f} u/L ;g\ !*^) sf] ;]/f]km]/f]df 6fdg t]hdfg (Taman Teysmann) n] ;'dfqfdf / ;g\ !**%–
*^ tfsf cu:6fOg x]g/L (Augustine Henry) sf] cWoogn] nf}7;Nnf rLgdf kfOg]] hfgsf/L aflx/
cfof] 41 .
Lectotype of Taxus contorta ( accessed on 2017/04/01)
a]nfotsf] So" xj{]l/oddf ;+u|lxt 6\ofS;; sG6f]6f{sf] 6fOk gd"gfsf] tl:j/
- 7 _
;dosf] cGt/fn;+u} jg:kltljb\x¿n] gofF gofF If]qsf] :ynut e|d0f u/L nf}7;Nnfsf xj{]l/od
gd'gfx¿ ;+sng ug{] / ltgsf] uxg cWoog ug{] qmdn] lg/Gt/tf kfOg} /Xof] / 6\ofS;; asf6f,
6\ofS;; Sofg]8]lG;;, 6\ofS;; a|]lekmf]lnof / 6\ofS;; jflnlrofgfsf cnfjf cGo k|hfltx¿ ylk+b}
uP . ;+sng ul/Psf gd"gfx¿sf] ljleGg jg:kltljbx¿n] cfˆg} tj/n] klxrfg / juL{s/0f ug{
yfn] . gofF–gofF 7fpFaf6 nf}7;Nnfsf gd"gfx¿ k|fKt eP ;+u} gofF gfdfs/0f ul/Psf k|hfltx¿sf]
j}wtfdf ;d:of b]lvg yfNof] . s]xL lj1x¿n] k|hfltx¿sf] ef}uf]lns ;dfgtf / lj:tf/sf cfwf/df
j}1flgs klxrfg / gfdfs/0fnfO{ cfwf/ agfP2,3,10,21 eg] s]xLn] la?jfsf efux¿df b]vf kg{] cfsf/k|sf/,
u'0fx¿ / ;Lldt ljz]iftfx¿nfO{ dfkg ug{] ljlw cjnDag u/]sf] b]lvG58,40 . t;y{, ljutdf nf}7;Nnfsf
k|hfltx¿sf] klxrfg / j}1flgs gfdfs/0fdf jg:kltljb\x¿ aLr w]/} dtleGgtfx¿ b]lvG5g\ .
nf}7;Nnfsf k|hfltx¿sf] gfdfs/0fsf ;jfndf jg:kltljb\x¿ aLr olt w]/} dtleGgtfx¿ 5g\ ls
;g\ !()# df lkNu/n] ;+;f/ el/df nf}7;Nnfsf] Ps j6f dfq k|hflt 6\ofS;; asf6f 5 / cGo ;a}
o;sf pkk|hfltx¿ x'g\ / s]xL e]/fO6Lx¿ 5g\ egL pNn]v u/]sf 5g\ eg] ;g\ @))& df :Ko'6n]
nf}7;Nnf hflt leq @$ k|hflt / %% e]/fO{6Lx¿sf] j0f{g u/]sf 5g\39,40 .
ljZjdf /x]sf nf}7;Nnfsf k|hfltsf] cWoogdf cfk'mnfO{ ;dlk{t u/]sf 6\ofS;; ljwfsf Ps k|d'v
cWoo]tf x'g l/rf8{ 8An' :Ko'6 (Richard W. Spjut) . pgn] nf}7;Nnfsf] kftsf] afXo efu (Epidermal
layer) / l5b| ;+/rgf (Stomatal structure) sf cfwf/df xfn;Dd j0f{g ul/Psf nf}7;Nnfsf k|hfltx¿nfO{
# j6f ;d"xdf juL{s/0f u/]sf 5g\ . pgn] juL{s/0f u/]sf # j6f nf}7;Nnf ;d"xdf asf6f ;d"x
(Baccata Group), ;'dfqf ;d"x (Sumatra Group) / jflnlrofgf ;d"x (Wallichiana Group) /x]sf 5g\40 .
PSsfO;f+} ztfAbLdf lj1fg / k|ljlwsf] ljsf; ;+u}, jg:kltsf k|hfltx¿sf] gfdfs/0fdf klg pNn]Vo
k|ult ePsf] b]lvG5 . k|hflt klxrfgdf gofF k|ljlwx¿sf] k|of]u u/L pknAw jg:kltsf cfFs8fx¿nfO{
;"Id / lj:t[t tj/n] ljZn]if0f ug{] k4ltsf] ljsf; eO{ ;s]sf] 5 . jt{dfg cj:yfdf pknAw gofF
ljlwsf] k|of]un] lxhf] jg:klt zf:qLx¿ dfem ljleGg jg:kltsf k|hfltx¿sf gfdfs/0fdf b]lvPsf
dtleGgtfx¿ w]/} xb;Dd ;dfwfg eO;s]sf] cj:yf klg /x]sf] 5 . gofF k|ljlw / ljz]if dfkb08x¿sf]
cjNfDag u/L ljZje/sf nf}7;Nnfx¿sf k|hfltsf] ;+Vof klg lgWf{f/0f ul/Psf] 5 h; cg';f/
xfn;Dd nueu !# k|hflt (species) / s]xL pk–k|hfltx¿ (subspecies) /x]sf] olsg eO;s]sf]
52,3,8,10,21,22,25 . lj1fgsf] ljsf;;Fu} jg:kltsf k|hfltx¿sf] klxrfg / gfdfs/0f ug{] sfo{ klg Ps
ultzLn k|lqmof xf] . cfw'lgs k|ljlwx¿sf] ljsf;n] cg';Gwfgsf k4ltx¿df klg qmdfut ;'wf/ /
kl/dfh{g x'b} hfFbf jg:kltsf k|hfltx¿sf] klxrfg / gfdfs/0fdf ;'wf/ x'g' ca gf}nf] ljifo /x]g h'g
xfd|f] h}ljs ljljwtfsf] ;+/If0f / lbuf] pkof]usf nflu clt cfjZos sfo{ /lxcfPsf] 5 .
- 8 _
Isotype of Taxus mairei ( accessed on 2017/04/01)
a]nfotsf] So" xj{]l/oddf ;+u|lxt 6\ofS;; dfO/]O{sf] 6fOk gd"gfsf] tl:j/
- 9 _
@=@ /fli6«o kl/j]z
g]kfnsf jg:kltx¿sf] j}1flgs cWoog cGj]if0f / klxrfgsf] sfo{ a]nfotL jg:kltlj1, k|mflG;;
a'vfgg–x]ldN6g (Francis Buchanan-Hamilton) sf] ;g\ !*)@ df ul/Psf] g]kfn e|d0faf6 ;'? ePsf]
b]lvG5 . pgn] e|d0f u/]sf] em08} @) jif{sf] cGt/fn kl5 ;g\ !*@)–!*@! lt/ gyflgon jflnr
(Nathaniel Wallich) n] g]kfnsf] cWoog e|d0f u/]35 . oL b'O{sf] Pp6} p2]Zo g]kfnsf jg:klt k|hfltx¿sf]
hfgsf/L lng] lyof] . o;} qmddf jflnrn] sf7df8f}sf] lzjk'/Laf6 nf}7;Nnfsf] gd"gf ;+sng u/L
pQm gd"gfx¿sf] clen]vLs/0f ug]{ qmddf pgn] ;g\ !*@^ sf] Tentamen
Nepalensis df
lzjk'/Laf6 ;+slnt nf}7;Nnfsf] gd"gfsf] gfdfs/0f 6\ofS;; g'l;km]/f u/]40 . g]kfndf 6\ofS;;
kfOG5g\ eGg] ;DaGwL cflwsfl/s hfgsf/Lsf] z'?jft oxLaf6 ePsf] xf] . pQm gd"gfsf] cWoog ug]{
qmddf hf];]km h'sfl/gLn] lzjk'/Lsf] nf}7;Nnf 6\ofS;; g'l;km]/f geO{ 6\ofS;; jflnlrofgf xf] egL
gfdfs/0f u/]sf] o; cl3s} cGt/f{li6«o kl/j]z zLif{sdf pNn]v eO;s]sf] 5 .
jg:klt ljwfsf ljb]zL hfgsf/x¿n] g]kfnsf jg:klt k|hfltx¿sf] cWoog ug]{ l;nl;nfnfO{
lg/Gt/tf lb+b} uP . cWoogs} qmddf g]kfnsf ljleGg :yfgx¿af6 la?jfsf gd"gfx¿ ;+sng ug]{ /
tL gd"gfx¿ cfˆgf] b]zsf xj]{l/odx¿df ;+/lIft ub}{ ug{ yflnof] . ;g\ !(@* df a]nfotL cWo]tf
kl;{en NofG8g (Perceval Landon) n] 'Nepal' zLif{sdf @ j6f k':ts k|sfzg u/] h;df Flora of Nepal
zLif{s cGtu{t Appendix XIV df !#! kl/jf/ cGtu{tsf &%* hflt / 6\ofS;; asf6f ;lxt !&)@
k|hfltsf jg:kltx¿sf] gfd ;dfj]z ul/Psf] 520 . a]nfotLsf ;fy;fy} ;g\ !(%) kl5sf ;dodf
hfkfgL jg:klt 6f]nLn] g]kfnsf jg:kltx¿sf] uxg cWoog u/]sf] kfOG5 . g]kfnsf jg:klt
k|hfltsf] cWoog ug{ ljb]zLx¿sf] nfdf] ;do cl3b]lvsf] rf;f] xfn;Dd klg sfod} /x]sf] 5 . ;g\
!($* b]lv !(*@ sf] ;dofjlwdf g]kfnsf jg:klt k|hfltx¿sf] klxrfgsf] qmd tLj| ?kdf cufl8
a9\of] / pQm ;donfO{ jg:kltlj1 8f= s]zj /fh /fhe08f/Ln] g]kfnsf] jg:klt k|hfltsf] klxrfgsf]
;jf{lws ;lqmo ;do Efg]sf 5g\35 .
;g\ !(%% df H. Kihara åf/f ;Dkflbt k':ts Fauna and Flora of Nepal Himalaya, Vol.1 hfkfgaf6
k|sflzt eof] . pQm k':tsdf Pp6f Flowering Plants and Ferns zLif{s /x]sf] 5, h;df /;'jf lhNnfsf]
ltndfg -;d'b|L ;txb]lv @*)) ld6/_ / yf]Ë] r/g If]q -;d'b|L ;txb]lv @^$% ld6/_ af6 ;g\ !(%@
sf] cS6f]j/ !# tfl/vdf 6\ofS;; jflnlrofgfsf] gd"gf ;+sng u/]sf] /]s8{ kfOG517 .
k|fWofks lx/f];L xf/fåf/f ;Dkflbt k':ts
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(The Flora of Eastern Himalaya)
;g\ !(^^ df hfkfgaf6 k|sflzt eof] . pQm k':tsdf 6\ofS;];L kl/jf/ cGtu{tsf k|hfltx¿sf]
cWoog of];L;fs] ;f6fs] (Yoshisake Satake) n] u/]sf lyP / pQm k':tsdf ;g\ !(^# df hfkfgL
cg';Gwfgstf{sf] 6f]nLn] k"jL{ g]kfnsf] ljleGg :yfgx¿ ldlGrg wfk–dfOkf]v/L, ;]nfk–jnfªr'ªuf]nf,
laAnf6] eGHofªaf6 ;+slnt nf}7;Nnfsf gd"gfx¿sf] cfwf/df 6\ofS;; asf6f pk–k|hflt jflnlrofgf
(Taxus baccata L. subsp. wallichiana (Zucc.) Pilger) g]kfnsf] k"jL{ efudf kfOg] pNn]v ul/Psf] 536 .
- 10 _
6\ofS;; jflnlrofgfsf] 6fOk :yfg lzjk'/Laf6 ;g\ !(^) df ;+slnt /fli6«o xj{]l/oddf ;+/lIft gd"gf -@%*) ld=_
- 11 _
;g\ !(^( df hfkfgL jg:kltlj1sf] 6f]nLn] g]kfnsf jg:klt k|hfltx¿sf] cWoog ug]{ qmddf h'g
!% tfl/vsf lbg sf7df8f}+sf] lzjk'/L -@&)) ld6/ prfO{_ af6 nf}7;Nnfsf] gd"gf ;+sng u/L
cWoog u/]sf] hfgsf/L ;g\ !(&! df hfkfgaf6 k|sflzt
ˆnf]/f ckm O:6g{ lxdfno
bf];|f] ;+:s/0fdf
pNn]v 5 h;df lzjk'/Laf6 ;+slnt gd"gfnfO{ klg 6\ofS;; asf6f pk–k|hflt jflnlrofgf elgPsf]
536,37 . o;}u/L lx/f]zL xf/f ;lDdlnt lj1 ;d"xn] ;g\ !(&* df
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ckm g]kfn
efu !
k|sflzt u/] / pQm k':tsdf klg 6\ofS;; asf6f pk–k|hflt jflnlrofgf g} xf]
eg]sf] kfOG513 .
lj=;+= @)!^ ;fndf jg:klt ljefusf] :yfkgf ePkl5 ;d/ axfb'/ dNn / ;dg axfb'/ /fhe08f/Ln]
sf7df8f+} pkTosfaf6 xj]{l/odsf gd"gfx¿ ;+sng ug]{ qmddf ;g\ !(^) sf] h'nfO{ dlxgfdf
lzjk'/Laf6 nf}7;Nnfsf] gd"gf ;+sng u/]sf lyP -cg';"rL $_ . ;g\ !(^# df ;dg axfb'/ /fhe08f/L
/ Pshgf hfkfgL sfh'lx/f] O6f]x (Kajuhiro Itoh) ;lxt klZrd g]kfnsf] d'u', h'Dnf, 8f]6L / a}t8L
lhNnfsf] ;j]{If0f e|d0f ug]{ qmddf pgLx¿n] vKt8af6 ;+sng u/]sf] nf}7;Nnfsf] xj]{l/od gd"gf
/fli6«o xj]{l/oddf NofO{ ;'/lIft /flvPsf] kfOG515,33 .
o;}u/L ;g\ !(^# df jg:klt ljefudf sfo{/t jg:kltljb\ tLy{ axfb'/ >]i7 / dw';'bg lji6n]
d':tfË lhNnfaf6 / ;g\ !(^% df tLy{ axfb'/ >]i7n] x'Dnf lhNnfaf6 nf}7;Nnfsf] gd"gf ;+sng
u/]sf lyP . oL dfly pNn]lvt xj]{l/odsf gd"gf /fli6«o xj]{l/od tyf jg:klt k|of]uzfnf uf]bfj/Ldf
;'/lIft g} 5g\ . o;kl5sf] ;dodf klg jg:klt ljefu / cGtu{tsf cg';Gwfgstf{x¿n] b]zsf
ljleGg :yfgx¿sf] cWoog e|d0f u/L nf}7;Nnfsf] gd"gf ;+sng tyf cWoogsf] sfo{nfO{ tLa|tfsf]
;fy xfn;Dd klg lg/Gt/tf lbOPsf] 5 -cg';"rL $_ .
8f= tLy{ axfb'/ >]i7n] g]kfndf kfOg] ;Nnf] hfltsf] ljz]if cWoog ug]{ qmddf ;g\ !(&$ df pxfFaf6
lnlvt s[lt
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0f j}1flgs k'i6\ofO{sf ;fy k|sflzt ul/Psf] 5 . ;fy} pQm k':tsdf nf}7;Nnfsf] a}1flgs gfd
6\ofS;; jflnlrofgf lbg'sf] ;fy} g]kfnsf] s'g s'g 7fpFdf kfOGf] egL ;d]t ls6fgL ;fy pNn]v
ul/Psf] 538 . jg:klt ljefu (tTsfnLg Department of Medicinal Plants) n] ;g\ !(&^ df
ckm g]lKnh ef:s'n/ KnfG6;\, ˆnf]/f ckm nfª6fª P08 qm; ;]S;g e]lh6]zg ;e]{
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k|sfzgdf Nofof]4,5,6 . oL tLgj6} k':ts xj]{l/odsf gd"gfx¿ ;+sng u/L
ltgLx¿sf] cWoog kZrft\ k|sflzt ul/Psf x'g\ . oL tLg}} k':tsx¿df nf}7;Nnf -6\ofS;; jflnlrofgf_
;DaGwL hfgsf/L ;dfj]z ul/Psf] 5 .
kl5Nnf] ;dodf g]kfnL tyf ljb]zL jg:kltljb\ / jg:kltzf:qsf :gftsf]Q/ / ljBfjfl/lwsf
ljBfyL{x¿n] gofF k|hfltsf] klxrfg / gfdfs/0fdf pNn]Vo of]ubfg lbPsf] kfOG5 . g]kfn nufot
lxGb's'z lxdfnodf x'g;Sg] nf}7;Nnfsf k|hfltx¿sf] jf:tljs ;+Vof / ltgsf] ef}uf]lns ljt/0fdf
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lxGb's'z lxdfnodf tLg k|hfltsf nf}7;Nnf /x]sf] tYo cGt/f{li6«o hg{ndf k|sflzt eof] . pQm
- 12 _
cWoogdf lxGb's'z lxdfno If]qdf lj:t[t ;j{]If0f u/L ;+slnt &() xj{]l/odsf gd"gfx¿sf] cfFs8fnfO{
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s]xL jgx¿df tNnf] prfOdf x'g] nf}7;Nnfsf] k|hflt 6\ofS;; dfO/]O{ (Taxus mairei) kfOg] tYo
phfu/ u/]sf] lyof]27,29,32,34 . jg:klt ljefu cGtu{t /fli6«o xj]{l/od tyf jg:klt k|of]uzfnfn]
Sof6nu ckm g]lKnh ˆnfj/LË KnfG6\;–!
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k"jL{ g]kfnsf] tLgh'/] If]qdf 6\ofS;; jflnlrofgfsf] af;:yfgsf] dgf]/d b[Zo
- 13 _
#= nf}7;Nnf klxrfgdf b]lvPsf] ;d:of
g]kfndf kfOg] nf}7;Nnfsf] j}1flgs klxrfg tyf gfdfs/0fsf] qmddf ljutdf s]xL låljwf b]lvPsf]
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tTjsf] ;lDd>0fsf] pkh jg:klt k|hfltx¿df t o; lsl;dsf] ;Defjgf /xL g} /xG5 tyflk o;
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cfkm}df k|hflt geO{ of] 6\ofS;; asf6fsf] Pp6f pk–k|hflt x'g ;S5 eGg] ts{ k|:t't u/] /
To;kl5sf sltko cWo]tfx¿n] g]kfndf kfOg] nf}7;Nnfsf] jfg:klts gfd Taxus baccata subsp.
n]Vg] u/]sf] kfOG5 . t/ jg:klt ljefun] k|sflzt u/]sf]
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df g]kfndf kfOGf] nf}7;Nnf 6\ofS;; asf6f geO{ 6\ofS;; jflnlrofgf g} xf] elg
pNn]v u/]sf] 54,5,6 . hf];]km 8fN6g x's/n] Flora of British India k|sfzg ug]{ qmddf vfl;of kxf8 b]lv
adf{sf] dflyNnf] efu x'Fb} o"/f]k / cd]l/sf;Dd km}lnPsf] k|hfltnfO{ 6\ofS;; asf6f eg]sf 5g\14 .
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jflnlrofgf g} xf] / hf];]km 8fN6g x's/n] Flora of British India df pNn]v u/]sf] k|hflt 6\ofS;; asf6f
g]kfndf kfOg] k|hflt x}g egL pNn]v u/]sf] kfOG54,5,6 cyf{t\ Taxus baccata Sensu Hook f. -o;y{,
x's/n] eg]sf] 6\ofS;; asf6f g]kfndf kfOg] k|hflt x}g egL :ki6 ub{5_ .
;g\ !()# df /f]j6{ lkNu/ / ;g\ !*** df hf];]km 8fN6g x's/n] lbPsf] gfdnfO{ sltko
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- 17 _
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(By Emgaol - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
accessed on 2017/04/08)
- 20 _
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ljsf;sf] pb\ud If]qsf] (Centre of Origin) ?kdf dflg+b} cfPsf] 5 . Pl;of tyf lxGb's'z lxdfnodf
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- 22 _
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xfn;Dd ul/Psf] cWoog cg';Gwfgn] g]kfndf # k|hfltsf nf}7;Nnf -6\ofS;; sG6f]6f{, 6\ofS;;
dfO/]O{, 6\ofS;; jflnlrofgf_ kfOg] tYo k'li6 eO;s]sf] 5
27,30,32,34 . lxdfnodf 5l/P/ /x]sf tLg}}
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6\ofS;; jflnlrofgf cjl:yt /x]sf 5g\ . t];|f] k|hflt 6\ofS;; dfO/]O{ eg] g]kfndf l;Gw'nL,
sfe|]knfGrf]s / dsjfgk'/sf] dxfef/t >[ª\vnf jl/kl/ k}mlnPsf] kfOPsf] 5 . cGo b'O{ k|hflteGbf
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d':tfªdf nf}7;Nnfsf] k|fs[ lts af;:yfg
- 24 _
lrq g+= $M g]kfnsf] ljleGg efudf kfOg] nf}7;Nnfsf k|hfltx¿sf] ef}uf]lns ljt/0f
- 25 _
%=$ g]kfnsf nf}7;Nnfsf] ef}uf]lns cGt/;DaGw
g]kfndf kfOg] cGo jg:kltx¿ h:t} oxfF /x]sf nf}7;Nnfsf tLg k|hfltx¿ xfn Ps} If]qdf 5l/P/
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g]kfndf k}mlnPsf tLg} k|hfltx¿sf] ef}uf]lns lj:tf/df o; If]qdf /x]sf] ef}uf]lns ;+/rgf / o;}
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x's{]/ k|hgg\ ug{ ;Sg] kl/l:yltdf cj/f]w (phytogeographic barrier) k'¥ofPsf] b]lvG5 . o;}u/L dWo /
k"jL{ g]kfndf 6\ofS;; jflnlrofgf / 6\ofS;; dfO/]O{nfO{ klg ;'gsf]zL / tdf]/ gbLx¿n] pQ/ /
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ePsfn] g]kfndf klg k|fs[lts ?kdf ljsl;t l7dfxfx¿ dWojtL{ If]q (introgression zone) df b]vfkg{]
;Defjgf k|an /x]sf] 525,27,30 .
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6\ofS;; sG6f]6f{ k|hfltsf kftx¿ l;wf / ;fFu'/f] cfsf/sf, 8fF7af6 5l/P/ cyjf 3'd]/ kNffpF5g\ .
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d"n gzf (Midrib) / b'O{ lsgf/ (leaf margin) lrNnf] x'G5g\ / o;sf] xfFuf 5'l§g] 7fpFaf6 lg:sg]
sTnfx¿ k|i6 x'Fb}gg\ .
- 26 _
6\ofS;; jflnlrofgf k|hfltsf xfFufdf kftx¿ b'j}kl§ ;dfg ?kdf ldn]sf x'G5g\ / kftx¿
xFl;of h:t} jf /f]dg cIf/sf] ‘S’ cfsf/sf x'g] ub{5g\ . o;sf] xfFuf 5'l§g] 7fpFaf6 lg:sg]
sTnfx¿ k|i6 b]lvG5g\ .
6\ofS;; sG6f]6f{sf 8fF7df rf/}lt/af6 5l/P/ /x]sf kftx? 6\ofS;; dfO/]O{sf d"n gzf / lsgf/f lrNnf] b]lvPsf kftx?
6\ofS;; dfO/]O{sf 8fF7 knfpg] 7fpFdf :ki6 gePsf sTnfx?
6\ofS;; jflnlrofgfsf 8fF7 knfpg] 7fpFdf :ki6;Fu b]lvPsf sTnfx?
- 27 _
%=%=! j}1flgs gfd M Taxus contorta Griff. -6\ofS;'; sG6f]6f{_
kof{ojfrL gfd:Taxus fuana Nan Li & R.R. Mill
c+u|]hL gfd M Western Himalayan Yew -klZrdL lxdfno nf}7;Nnf]_
:yfgLo gfd M n'Ot, n'O7, h]Da/l;Ë, ;fËfl;Ë, 6f]Ëfl;Ë, 9]Ë], nf}7;Nnf, sfF8]nf]6L, l;ËL,
tfln;kq, ‰ofDa/l;ª
6\ofS;; sG6f]6f{ demf}nf sb ePsf] ;bfaxf/ ?v k|hflt xf] . g]kfndf o;sf @% b]lv #) ld6/;Dd
cUnf ?vx¿ e]§fOPsf 5g\ . o;sf xfFufljª\uf d'Vo sf08sf] jl/kl/ 5l/P/ e'mln/x]sf x'G5g\ /
kftx¿ l;wf / ;fF3'/f] cfsf/sf 8fF7af6 5l/P/ knfpF5g\ . kftx¿ km]bb]lv 6'Kkf];Dd ;dfg rf}8fO{
ePsf x'G5g\ . kftdf b]lvg] /Gw| (Stomatal band) sf] ;+Vof k|foh;f] ^ b]lv ( /x]sf] x'G527 . of]
k|hfltsf] efn] / kf]yL la?jf cnu cnu x'g] x'Fbf efn] ?vdf k'mNg] k"mnx¿ ;fgf] / dl;gf] cfsf/df
£o' /Ësf x'G5g\ eg] kf]yL ?vdf k'mNg] k"mn 8Nnf] cfs[ltdf xl/of /Ësf x'G5g\ . kf]yL k"mndf
k/fu;]rg kZrft\ ljsl;t x'g] ;fgf] u]8f h:tf] kmn k"0f{ ljsl;t ePkl5 /ftf] /Ësf] sk cfsf/sf]
Pl/nn] cfwfeGbf a9L efu 9flsPsf] cj:yfdf x'G5 .
ef}uf]lns lj:tf/
lxdfno If]qM k"jL{ ckmuflg:tfg, pQ/L kfls:tfg, pQ/–klZrd ef/t, klZrdb]lv dWo g]kfn /
ltAatsf] lhnf]Ë pkTosf ;Dd .
g]kfnM bfr'{nf, a}t8L, aemfË, 8f]6L, c5fd, afh'/f, x'Dnf, d'u', h'Dnf, sfnLsf]6, hfh/sf]6,
;Nofg, ?s'd, /f]Nkf, 8f]Nkf, afUn'Ë -pQ/ klZrdL e]u_, d':tfË, dgfË / uf]vf{ -pQ/L
e]u_ .
k|fs[lts af;:yfg
@))) b]lv #%)) ld6/sf] prfO ;Ddsf h+unx¿df kfOg] tfln;kq, lkm/lkm/], ;Nnf], u'/fF;, v;|' /
lyª\u|];Nnfx¿;+u} ldl;P/ /x]sf] x'G5 . of] k|hflt ljz]if u/]/ pQ/L df]xf8fdf /fd|f];Fu x's{]sf] kfOG5 .
k"mn nfUg] ;doM kmfu'g—j}zfv
kmn nfUg] ;doM >fj0f—d+l;/
g]kfndf ;+/If0f l:yltM g]kfnsf /fli6«o lgs'~h / ;+/If0f If]qx¿ -clk–gfDkf, vKt8, /f/f, 9f]/kf6g_
df of] k|hflt s]xL ;Gtf]ifhgs ;+Vofdf /x] klg ;+/If0f If]q aflx/ kmf6\k'm6\ kfOG5 . kfl/l:yltsLo
k|0ffnLdf cfPsf] kl/jt{gsf ;fy;fy} sf7 / kftsf nflu x'g] s6fgL, cj}1flgs ;+sng, k|fs[lts
af;:yfgsf] ljgfz, cJojl:yt r/Lr/g / o;sf] aLpsf] sd c+s'/0f Ifdtfsf sf/0f o:fsf] ;+Vof
36\bf] 5 .
ljZj ;+/If0f ;+3sf] vt/fsf] ;"rL (IUCN Red List Categories)
ljZj kl/j]z ;+s6fkGg (Endangered, EN A2acd)
g]kfn ;+s6fkGg (Endangered, EN A2acd)27
- 28 _
6\ofS;; sG6f]6f{sf] kmn -l;D6f_ ;lxtsf] xfFuf
dgfªsf] ;'sL{df kfOPsf] 6\ofS;; sG6f]6f{sf] ljzfn ?v, @,&#) ld= -lj=;+= @)&# j}zfv &_
d'Vo sf08af6 km}lnPsf 6\ofS;; sG6f]6f{sf xfFufx?, dgfª,
lj=;+= @)&@÷)^÷!(
© 8f= ;'/]z s'df/ l3ld/]
- 29 _
/fli6«o xj{]l/od tyf jg:klt k|of]uzfnfdf l8lh6fOh];g u/]/ /flvPsf] 6\ofS;; sG6f]6f{sf] xj{]l/od gd"gf
- 30 _
%=%=@ j}1flgs gfd M Taxus mairei (Lemée & H. Léveillé) S.Y. Hu ex T.S. Liu -6\ofS;'; dfO/]O{_
kof{ojfrL gfd:Tsuga mairei Lemée & H. Léveillé; Taxus chinensis (Pilger) Rehder var. mairei
(Lemée & H. Léveillé) W.C. Cheng & L.K. Fu; Taxus wallichiana var. mairei
(Lemée & H.Léveillé) L.K. Fu & Nan Li
c+u|]hL gfd M South China Yew or Mairei Yew -dfO/]O{ nf}7;NNff]_
:yfgLo gfd M 9]Ë], nf}7;Nnf, ad{];Nnf, kft];Nnf, tfln;kq, dl5Gb|kftL, l;ËL
;bfaxf/ ?v 6\ofS;; dfO/]O{ s/Lj %–@% ld6/;Dd cUnf] x'G5 . g]kfndf kfOg] cGo k|hfltsf
nf}7;Nnf eGbf o:sf kft s]xL a9L rf}8f, kftnf / uf9f xl/of] /Ësf xFl;ofsf/ x'G5g\ . dl;gf
xfFufsf sTnfx¿ 6\ofS;; jflnlrofgfeGbf w]/} sd cyjf c:ki6 x'G5g\ . o;sf xfFuflaËf d'Vo
sf08sf] jl/kl/ em'ln/x]sf x'G5g\ . kftsf] k5fl8 kl§sf] d'Vo gzf / kftsf lsgf/sf efux¿ lrNnf
x'G5g\ . kftdf b]lvg] /Gw|sf] ;+Vof k|foh;f] !! b]lv !^ /x]sf] x'G527 . o:fsf] kmn xl/of] / kfs]kl5
/ftf] /Ësf] r]K6f], uf]nfsf/ cfs[ltsf] x'G5 . kmnnfO{ /ftf] /Ësf] sk cfsf/sf] Pl/nn] 9fs]sf] x'G5 .
ef}uf]lns lj:tf/
lxdfno If]qM blIf0f–k"jL{ rLg, blIf0f leotgfd, OG8f]g]lzof, ;'dfqf, blIf0f Dofgdf/, ef/tsf] d]3fno
k|fGt / g]kfn .
g]kfnM l;Gw'nL, sfe]|knf~rf]s / dsjfgk'/ .
k|fs[lts af;:yfg
dxfef/t If]qsf] ;fd'bflos jgx¿df ;NNff], plQ;, v;|', nfnLu'/fF;, lrnfpg], s6';, sfkmn, c+u]/L;+u
ldl;P/ x'ls{/fv]sf] x'G5 .
k"mn nfUg] ;doM kmfu'g–h]i7
kmn nfUg] ;doM c;f]h–d+l;/
g]kfndf ;+/If0f l:ylt
xfn;Dd dWo g]kfnsf] dsjfgk'/, sfe|]knf~rf]s / l;Gw'nL lhNnfsf ljleGg ;fd'bflos jgx¿ tyf
lghL jgx¿df kfOPsf] 5 . cGo b'O{ k|hfltx¿eGbf sd prfOdf kfOg] o; k|hfltsf] k|fs[lts
af;:yfg s[lif e"ld / afSnf] dfgj a:tL / o;af6 x'g] lqmofsnfkx¿ h:t} jg km8fgL, 89]nf]sf
sf/0fn] cltqmd0f ePsf] / cj}1flgs ;+sngaf6 o;sf] hg;f+lVos cfsf/df x|f; cfO{ k|fs[lts
df}h'bf kl/df0f 36\bf] 5 .
ljZj ;+/If0f ;+3sf] vt/fsf] ;"rL (IUCN Red List Categories)
ljZj kl/j]z ;+j]bgzLn (Vulnerable, A2d)
g]kfn clt ;+s6fkGg (Critically Endangered, CR A2acd, B1ab (iii))27
- 31 _
6\ofS;; dfO/]O{sf] ?v, r'nLk|fg ;fd'bflos jg l6:6'ª, dsjfgk'/
- 32 _
/fli6«o xj{]l/od tyf jg:klt k|of]uzfnfdf l8lh6fOh];g u/]/ /flvPsf] 6\ofS;; dfO/]O{sf] xj{]l/od gd"gf
- 33 _
%=%=# j}1flgs gfd M Taxus wallichiana Zucc. -6\ofS;'; jflnlrofgf_
kof{ojfrL gfdM Taxus baccata L. subsp. wallichiana (Zucc.) Pilger; Taxus contorta var. mucronata
Spjut; Taxus wallichiana var. yunnanensis (W.C. Cheng & L.K. Fu) C.T. Kuan;
Taxus yunnanensis W.C.
c+u|]hL gfd M Eastern Himalayan Yew -k"jL{ lxdfno nf}7;Nnf]_
:yfgLo gfd M l;lnËL, l;nl6Ë, ;fËf l;Ë, 6f]Ëf l;Ë, 9]Ë], nf}7;Nnf, ;flng, n:jfFg,
lyªu|], tfln; kq, ad{] ;Nnf .
;bfaxf/ k|hflt 6\ofS;; jflnlrofgfsf g]kfndf #) ld6/;Dd cUnf ?vx¿ e]§fOPsf 5g\ . cGo
k|hflt h:t} o;sf klg xfFufljªuf e'mn]sf x'G5g\ . dl;gf] xfFufsf :s]nx¿ g]kfndf kfOg] cGo k|hflt
eGbf 7"nf] cfsf/sf x'G5g\ / 8fF7 /ftf]–v}/f] /Ësf] x'G5 . kftdf /Gw|sf] ;+/rgf k|foh;f] !# b]lv !&
sf] ;+Vofdf /x]sf] x'G5g\27 . xfFufdf kftx¿ b'j} kl§ ;dfg ?kdf ldn]sf x'G5g\ / kftx¿ xl;of h:t}
jf c+u|]hLsf] æSÆ cfsf/sf x'g] ub{5g\ . efn] k"mnx¿ ;fgf / £o" /Ësf x'G5g\, kf]yL ?vdf kmNg] kmn
sfFRff]df xl/of] / kfs]kl5 /ftf] x'G5 . kmnsf] aflx/L cfj/0fnfO{ g/d /ftf]] /Ësf] sk cfsf/sf] Pl/nn]
cfwf eGbf a9L 9fs]sf] x'G5 .
ef}uf]lns lj:tf/
lxdfno If]q M rLgsf] pQ/–klZrd o'gfg / blIf0f–klZrd ltAat, pQ/L Dofgdf/, pQ/–k"jL{ ef/t,
e'6fg, g]kfn .
g]kfn M uf]/vf -tNnf] e]u_, wflbË, ndh'Ë, sf:sL, kj{t, DofUbL / afUn'Ë -k"jL{ e]u_, sf7df8f},
g'jfsf]6, /;'jf, sfe|]knf~rf]s, l;Gw'kfNrf]s, bf]nvf, ;f]n'v'Da', /fd]5fk, ef]hk'/, wgs'6f,
;+v'jf;ef, vf]6fË, cf]vn9'Ëf, Onfd, kfFry/, t]x|y'd / tfKn]h'Ë .
k|fs[lts af;:yfg
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g]kfn ;+s6fkGg (Endangered, EN A2acd)27
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Paclitaxel (Generic Name) gfds SofG;/ lj?4sf] cf}ifwLo u'0f ePsf] /;fog pTkfbg sfo{ ul/g
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k|f]T;fxg ug{] .
- 55 _
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KATH Herbarium; Poudel et al. (2014)
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KATH Herbarium
# aemfË;'df{;/f]j/, 3f]8f bfpg]–nf]v8f,
KATH Herbarium
$ 8f]6LvKt8, ;flnËf8f]–rf]ofsf6\g]
KATH Herbarium. Parajuli et al. (1999)
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KATH Herbarium, Para