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Capsules of C Programming


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Considering the demands on C-Programming from intermediate and bachelor levels of different streams, this book is presented to all those lecturers and students who are willing to get immediate answers of several popular programming questions in their academic courses with terms and definitions within the subject of C Programming. Examples and evidences are the most important part of learning. Use of examples in teaching/learning makes us clear about the concepts. However there are hundreds of, thousands of examples we can create in programming, the several examples in this book will guide you to strengthen your theory knowledge on C-programming and increase your programming skills so that your further skills on object oriented programming and real life programming in your JOB will also be boosted up properly. This book has six sections and appendices starting with the concepts of history of computers, programming fundamentals and all about C programming with its examples. Brief knowledge on theory with terms and definitions are included before the examples on every section. Every section has hundreds of examples, included old questions of universities of Nepal. The summary of terms and definitions with examples would be fruitful to students for short time preparation in the exam as well as lecturers shall feel comfortable while teaching to present these examples to achieve the learning objectives. ONLY LAB SHEETS SHALL BE DOWNLOADED FORM HERE
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Write A FORTRAN Program (WAFP) to display "Welcome to Fortran Language".