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... Wizen and González de Rueda (2016) report having observed on 15 February 2016 an adult amblypygid (tailless whip scorpion), Heterophrynus armiger, preying on a Pristimantis achatinus (Cachabi robber frog). The encounter took place in forest reserve "El Jardin de los Sueños" in the municipality of La Maná in Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador, Assis et al. (2017) report that on 24 May 2016 they found an Ancyloetes concolor (fishing spider) feeding on an adult male Barycholos ternetzi (Chimbo frog) in the municipality of João Pinheiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil. ...
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During the course of a survey conducted in the municipality of Aguililla in the state of Michoacan, Mexico, we observed a Mexican leaf frog (Agalychnis dacnicolor) prey upon a tarantula (Bonnetina sp.). Predator-prey interactions between various spider and frog species have been documented many times-a phenomenon that day by day grows as more researchers are out in the field. Resumen En un recorrido realizado en el municipio de Aguililla estado de Michoacán, México, aquí documentamos el consumo de un alimento en la dieta de la Rana de Árbol Mexicana. Esta interacción depredador-presa ha sido documentada en muchas ocasiones en diferentes especies de araña-ranas. Un fenómeno que día a día crece como más personas en el campo.
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