P-518: Hypertensive target organ damage associated to hyperuricemia is strongly dependent on low urinary uric acid excretion

Article · January 2002with1 Read
DOI: 10.1016/S0895-7061(02)02869-8 · Source: OAI

Hyperuricemia (HU) is due to increased uric acid (UA) production, renal hypoexcretion, or both. A increased prevalence of hyperuricemia has been described in essential hypertensive patients due to a decreased renal capacity for urinary urate excretion. HU is associated with hypertension-related target organ damage (TOD) and predictor of cardiovascular disease (CVD).Our objective was to assess the influence of urinary UA excretion in the association between UA, renal function and hypertension severity in a cohort of 1549 patients aged 35 to 60-y with essential hypertension diagnosed at a University Hospital. UA hypoexcretion was defined as Urinary UA below the product: serum UA* 100.19,0 % of patients has HU (Serum UA > 7 mg/dl) and only 9,6% has HU with UA hypoexcretion (HU hypo), however, this subgroup of patients exhibited the hagher rate of TOD-CVD (61.7%, p

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