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Эволюция кариотипа и система высших таксонов белянок (Lepidoptera, Pieridae) мировой фауны

  • Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences


Analysis of original data (12 species) and data extracted from the literature (203 species) demonstrates that the haploid chromosome number n=31 is the ancestral one for the family Pieridae. This number (n=31) is preserved in the majority of the subfamilies Dismorphiinae, Coliadinae and Anthocharinae, but not in the Pierinae. In the Pierinae, the tribe Eroniini demonstrates n = 16-18, the tribe Teracolini - n = 27-28, the tribe Appiadini -n = 32, and the tribe - Pierini n = 25, 26. The numbers n = 12 and n-=19 are found in the genus Leptosia.
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