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Title: Uhud, the battle of (625C), In. Islam: A Worldwide Encyclopedia (4 Volumes)

  • University of Aine Temouchente


The battle of Uhud is one of the most important events of the early Islamic history, even if it is considered by some chroniclers as a bitter defeat for Muslims. It was also a good lesson for Muslims to understand meanings of discipline, and respect of the commander’s orders, war strategy, and tactics. In this short presentation, I will present the important characteristics of the battle of Uhud: the date, the armies, the war, and finally the lessons.
Title: Islam : A Worldwide Encyclopedia (4 Volumes)
Editor: Cenap Cakmak,
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, California.
Date: 2017
The entry: Uhud, Battle of, pp. 1591-1593
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