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Updated, Expanded and Corrected Affidavit Version: U.S. 2016 Unadjusted Exit Poll Discrepancies Fit Chronic Republican Vote – Count Rigging, not Random Statistical, Patterns


Abstract and Figures

This is an unused affidavit that includes data and analysis that corrects, updates, and expands on the data used in an earlier article: (also on ResearchGate). This affidavit was part of a legal effort to force an official investigation of the 2016 U.S. General Election official results before they were certified by Congress. However, the effort was dropped when it became clear that the proposed law suit would not even make it to first base, as it would be struck down by the Courts due “to lack of standing” without support by a major party candidate. The campaign of Hilary Clinton showed no inclination to support such an effort.
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