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Review of geological, archaeological and astronomical data portending an imminent (by 2045) ~5m solar-driven sea-level rise like the overlooked Dark Ages Rise. REJECTED

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Abstract submitted 1 Aug 2017, for presentation at the GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA (GSA) Annual Meeting, Seattle, Oct 2017. For two key diagrams from this presentation, please see Technical Notes 2017-3 and 4 (the previous two items in my ResearchGate list). Readers will quickly see that (1) man-made climate change is a fallacy and (2) metre-scale sea level rise within the next 30 years is unstoppable. ABSTRACT REJECTED BY GSA 23rd Aug 2017: a brave decision by the Technical Program Manager, given the phenomenally high stakes, i.e. delay in moving the populations and infrastructure (e.g. ports, airports) of low-lying cities and nations (Bangladesh, Holland, Miami, Shanghai, etc.), and sea-level nuclear power stations. What if I’m right? We’ll know within 3 years, by which time I predict the current 3mm/yr rise will have doubled at the very least. To arrange a private presentation, anywhere in the world, please email me.
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ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication.