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Erratum to: How (not) to Argue For Moral Enhancement: Reflections on a Decade of Debate

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Topoi (2019) 38:111
DOI 10.1007/s11245-017-9501-9
Erratum to: How (not) toArgue ForMoral Enhancement:
Reflections onaDecade ofDebate
NorbertPaulo1· JanChristophBublitz2
Published online: 1 August 2017
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therefore amend the original paper by deleting the respec-
tive sentence.
We thank Prof. Crockett for clarifying her position. As
our personal conversation has shown, we share the belief
that empirical findings can illuminate the understanding of
morality and might be conducive to enhance moral behav-
ior. However, at the same time, we should neither overgen-
eralize these findings, nor expect easy technological fixes
for humankind’s biggest problems.
Erratum to: Topoi DOI10.1007/s11245‑017‑9492‑6
In the section “Framing of the Debate”, the original arti-
cle suggests that Prof. Molly Crockett begins her talks with
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This statement is inaccurate.
In fact, she informs us that she alluded to the Israeli-Pales-
tinian conflict only once in her TED talk “Drugs and Mor-
als” (Zurich, 2011). While she hints at the role empirical
research might play in overcoming such long-lasting politi-
cal stalemates in the talk, she does not wish to suggest that
biomedical means suffice to solve conflict of this scale. We
The online version of the original article can be found under
* Norbert Paulo
Jan Christoph Bublitz
1 Department ofSocial Sciences andEconomics, Philosophy
ofLaw andSocial Philosophy, University ofSalzburg,
Churfuerststr. 1, 5020Salzburg, Austria
2 Faculty ofLaw, University ofHamburg,
Rothenbaumchaussee 33, 20148Hamburg, Germany
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