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Full Proceedings of the 4th Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places, 24-27 April 2017



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Technical Report
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Management Plan National Park Prespa in Albania for the years 2014-2024
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This work introduces a case study about the National Park of Prespa (NPP) in Albanian side, which is dominated by the traditional ag ricu lture practices wh ich allow sustaining the specific characteristic of the biodiversity and the landscape views of the park and also the functions or services of the ecosystem. The agricultural system dominated by the mix extensive agriculture and livestock, traditional extensive methods, low input usage and production diversity, have a great impact to the vegetative compound and the quality of the panorama. A very strong interrelation between the high natural value farming (HNVF), the biodiversity and the traditional landscape guided us to research toward the agriculture classified as HNV within the context of NPP and to identify the space distribution of the agriculture types with HNV to this park. The determination of 3 types of HNV in NPP is focused to the methodological use of the soil (plant coverage), agricultural systems and the access of the species and their habitats, based on a preliminary study onsite. We may argu ment that the implementation of the HNV farming concept in NPP will facilitate the development of the policies and effective measures for the prevention of the biodiversity and to compile the farmers demand to be supported adequately to the protection of the biodiversity and the sustainable development of the zone.