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TANTRIC PEACES. Tantra Workshops: A Fresh Take on Ancient Paths to Inner Peace



Workshops featuring or promising elements of Tantra have been on the rise in Europe and North America since the 1970s. This study attempts to define the elusive and eclectic term Tantra and explores the effects that Tantra workshops have on the peaceability, resilience and serenity of its attendees. Due to the accessibility of data, the Austria-based Institut Namasté was used as an example. The survey evaluations seem to show slim, albeit consistent positive changes in the subjective perception of increased peaceability among participants of the Institut Namasté’s Tantra Workshops; statistical relevance could not be determined. The in-depth interview analysis, on the other hand, showed clear evidence of growth and improvement in the five categories Interactions and Relationships; Confidence, Insight; Inner peace, Equanimity, Joy; Body Awareness, Sexuality; Mindfulness, Spirituality. This study demonstrates that there is a causal link between the Institut Namasté’s Tantra Workshops and the attendees’ development of resilience, frustration tolerance, nonviolent communication, self-esteem, compassion and inner peace, summarized as peaceability. The impact of this improvement benefits not only the alumni but, according to their reports, also their inner and outer circles of family, friends, colleagues and even strangers, thus contributing to peaceability on a societal level.
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