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Research and Innovative Design of the Motorcycle Gloves

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No matter it is during cold winter or sunny summer season, wearing gloves is crucial as a hand protection for motorcycle riders. Therefore, a proper design of motorcycle gloves is fairly necessary for the market. Through a wide range of thinking and design improvements, the study proposes a design of motorcycle gloves which are suitable and comfortable for any motorcycle rider as the anthropometry data of adult hand size and ergonomics principles are utilized during the initial stage of product development and design. TRIZ was applied to improve and enhance the product design with an emphasis on the first seven features from the questionnaire. Many features of the designed motorcycle gloves are described. At last, this research completes the drawings of the proposed motorcycle gloves with Adobe Photoshop.

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Existing intelligent vacuum cleaners were found to have inadequate suction and power consumption issues in addition to an undistinguished appearance. Therefore, this studys aim was to explore and improve the functionality and appearance of intelligent vacuum cleaners. Based on TRIZ theory, this study conducted a function analysis of intelligent vacuum cleaners and established a proposal for improvement. By combining the 39 engineering parameters with the TRIZ contradiction matrix and 40 inventive principles, appropriate rules were chosen to improve the problem of innovation. At the same time, through patent review and analysis, a design method which did not infringe on current patents was developed. In the results of this study, the vacuum cleaner was complied with an innovative UFO-like design, with suction ports set around the chassis to increase cleaning range and efficiency. When the battery power is below the minimum requirements for optimal performance, the vacuum cleaner can automatically return to a charging stand and replace its own battery. This study also designed the joystick and buttons of the remote control to resemble a cute alien for improved aesthetics. In conclusion, this study used Pro Engineering software to design a vacuum cleaner like UFO and a remote controller shaped like an alien, and a rapid prototype machine was employed to create a product prototype.
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