Efficient Removal of Impulse Noise from Digital Images

ArticleinIEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 52(2):523 - 527 · June 2006with32 Reads
Impact Factor: 1.05 · DOI: 10.1109/TCE.2006.1649674 · Source: IEEE Xplore


    A new impulse noise removal technique is presented to restore digital images corrupted by impulse noise. The algorithm is based on fuzzy impulse detection technique, which can remove impulse noise efficiently from highly corrupted images while preserving image details. Extensive experimental results show that the proposed technique performs significantly better than many existing state-of-the-art algorithms. Due to its low complexity, the proposed algorithm is very suitable for hardware implementation. Therefore, it can be used to remove impulse noise in many consumer electronics products such as digital cameras and digital television (DTV) for its performance and simplicity.