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Sprawność fizyczna członków organizacji proobronnej w świetle wyników uzyskanych przez strzelców Jednostki Strzeleckiej 1313

  • Akademia Sztuki Wojennej/War Studies University


Members of pro-defence organizations increasingly cooperate with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. They participate in various types of training organized by the military. These trainings are occasional or systematic. In addition, since 2016, members of pro-defence organizations participate in the military exercises. The aim of the study was analyzed of physical fitness of members of pro-defence organization - Riflemen's Unit 1313. Material and method: The research conducted on 32 subjects, in the age 26,1±3,6 years. There were conducted following physical fitness attempts: pull ups, sit ups, push up, 10x10m sprint. Evaluation was made on the base of the criteria which are use in the Army for professional soldiers. Findings: In individual attempts obtained results: pull ups 5,7±4,7 (0-16) repetitions, sit ups 44,3±16,8 (0-79) repetitions, push ups 26,7±13,5 (4-50) repetitions, 10x10m sprint - 33,2±3,0 (31-40) s. According to military criteria there was obtained sufficient marks for: pull ups, sit ups, 10x10m sprint. The mark insufficient received for push ups. Conclusions: It was found that the subjects represent significantly lower levels of physical fitness than the professional soldiers in the trials of shoulder muscle strength and abdominal muscle strength. It is suggested to conduct physical education training for people who teach physical education in pro-defense organizations.
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