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Development of the copper industry and transnational corporations: the Chilean experience = Desarrollo de la industria del cobre y las empresas transnacionales: la experiencia de Chile _ English



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This article examines the possibility of overcoming the resource curse through case studies of the appropriation and use of mining rents derived from public–private joint ventures in Argentina and Chile in the period 1973–2000. In particular, it examines how two similar cases of sectoral liberalization resulted in divergent outcomes: the deployment of rent-appropriation strategies around multinational corporations in Argentina and an innovative and productivist approach based on joint ventures with foreign capital in Chile. The article argues that while the liberalization of the sector created similar opportunities for appropriating rents in both countries, the existence of strong civil society pressures in Chile constrained rent-appropriation and waste by the state, in comparison to the absence of such pressures in Argentina.
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