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Proceedings of the International Conference : ICOA’2017



Optimization problems have an increasingly important role in decision-making processes where we daily encounter with technological problems of increasing complexity which arise in a wide range of technical fields. The need for ever-increasing efficiency and profitability has led decision-makers to no longer refer only to the experience of experts, but also to the numerical results obtained by solving optimization problems. The third International Conference on Optimization and Applications (ICOA’2017) that held in Meknes in Morocco from 27 to 28 April 2017, was a a high-level international forum and an excellent venue for scientists, researchers, academic faculty, students, industry leaders, and others in the fields of optimization to present, discuss and publish their recent research results and approachs. The conference was a real opportunity to develop new ideas and collaborations, and to be aware of the latest search trends in the optimization techniques and their applications in the various fields.
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