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Platform Comparison Between Games Console, Mobile Games And PC Games



In terms of platforms and game console, there are diffrences between, mobile games and pc gamesin the way it is used, the operator, the main event play, the game design and even the way the game work.We know that all the games on console platforms, PC and mobile, have their own characteristic which have advantages and drawbacks All platforms compete to win the rating for the sake of their platform continuity. For rating, all games platforms develop games that are more qualified. Those games will determine the quality of the platforms, so that the game developers of each platform developtheir games maximally to compete.
Platform Comparison Between Games Console, Mobile Games
And PC Games
Geraldus Galehantomo P.S
Faculty of Computer Science
Program System Information&GameTechnology, Soegijapranata Catholik
University,Semarang,Central Java,Indonesia
Abstract—In terms of platforms and game
console, there are diffrences between, mobile
games and pc gamesin the way it is used, the
operator, the main event play, the game design
and even the way the game work.We know that
all the games on console platforms, PC and
mobile, have their own characteristic which
have advantages and drawbacks
All platforms compete to win the rating for
the sake of their platform continuity. For
rating, all games platforms develop games that
are more qualified. Those games will determine
the quality of the platforms, so that the game
developers of each platform developtheir games
maximally to compete.
Keywords—Game Console, PC Games, Mobile
Games, Platform, Product Rating Game
Video Game is a game that uses the
interaction with the user interface through
the images produced by the video device. In
the electronic system tool that is used to run
a video game is a game commonly called
platform. The examples of platform are PC
(personal computer), mobile games , game
consoles. Those platforms are circulated up
to now. Game aims to entertain players it is,
usually favored by children and adult. Many
outstanding games come from a variety of
platforms nowadays; among other console
platforms, mobile and pc. Those platforms
have their own games with specific
characteristics that have advantages and
When it was first released, video game
device also marks the console. After that the
world game began to grow rapidly, several
video games consoles produced by
companies engaged video game came up to
the market. Computer became popular
because games can be played in the PC.
Despite its popularity, only in the beginning
of 80s era, PC game really started to expand
In the 1980s people preferred PC than
console game. The reason was due to the fact
that computer was very functional as atool tp
play game and as a productive workstation.
As a result, PC game consoles became
rampantly popular in the middle of Nintendo
games NES’s popularity. There were many
PC games which have simpler display
compared to nowaday’s PC.
In the 1990s, PC games developed. The
presence of PC games was parallel to other
popular game consoles. Various PC games
with various quality were realeased every
year. Its polpularity continues until the
beginning of this millennium and until now.
PC games become increasingly
populartoday, especially as some games
provide online features that make PC gaming
attract more enthusiasts. PC games started in
1970 when PC was growing as initial
generation of game console. Video Game
was first launched by a company called
Magnavox Odyssey and named Odyssey.
Only after the beginning of the second
generation, the term ‘console’ is starting to
be used. When the company named Fairchild
tried to revive the world of video games by
creating VES (Video Entertainment System),
it got minimum response from the market as
PC games were more popular at that time.
Furthermore, the Third Generation
Company from Japan initiated the
manufacture of game consoles newly named
Famicom and made NES (Nintendo
Entertainment System) game consoles.
Starting then on, console was started to get
the re-recognized and greeted warmly until
finally an early game was developed Super
Mario Brothers.
After the success of Famicom in
initiating in the 4th generation-NES received
a warm welcome from the entire world, then
sega released Sega Genesis with Sonic The
Hedgehog as its icon. Not to be outdone by
Sega Genesis, Nintendo launched SNES
(Super Nintendo Entertainment System). In
the last four years, these two companies
became the mortal enemy
The next generation, generation 5, was
released. In this generation, a legendary
game console appeared to compete Sega and
Nintendo. After afierce competition between
Sega and Nintendo, a new competitor, Sony,
came with the Playstation. Sony replaced
cartridge with a CD and produced maximum
results and success.
After Sony Play station became popular,
the popularity of Sega and Nintendo were
gradually down. Starting from generation 6,
sony playstation was developed into Sony
Playstation 2, which uses DVD instead of
CD. Again, a serious competitor, Microsoft
launches Xbox console which still less
popular than Sony Playstation 2. Then came
Generation 7 where Playstation’s popularity
decreased after it produced Playstation 3 that
was less competitive than BOX360 and
Nintendo with its newest output Nintendo
WII In the Generation 8 until now. Sony
Playstation, made a breakthrough made a
breakthrough by upgrading PS3 and turned it
into a PS4 so that the number of sales in this
era increased and bigger than the two
competitors. The story of Mobile Games
began in early 1994 with the first game
namely Tetris contained in Mobile MT-2000,
but Mobile Games became a phenomenon
when Nokia released ‘Snake’ games. In the
2000s Nokia launched the latest release of
HandPhone named N-Gage with symbian as
its main base. However, there were not many
games provided then. After that Mobile
games with Java as its base enlivened mobile
gaming industry.
Then come the era of downloadable
games initiated in 2008 that could be done in
Apple Mobile which began to use Apple App
Store that used to download. After that
Android appeared along with the popularity
of smartphone. Since then more games have
been released and can be played on the
2.1.Game Console
Game Console is a video game in which
the users use a special console to play. For
example, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation,
Xbox Console, etc. Game consoles have
various advantages such as :
a. Having special controller or joystick for
playing games and every game console
has a different joystick.
b. Having a wireless / do not use cable
c. Having a system that can be used for
internet surfing
However, it also has drawbacks :
a. It is hard to take it in a trip because it
requires continuous electrical energy and
TV as the primary media to play
b. the price of the platform is outrageously
more expensive than other platforms.
c. The Game price was also outrageously
more expensive than other platforms.
2.2 Mobile Game
Mobile gaming is a video game in which
users use smartphones or PDA media.
Mobile games have advantages, namely:
a. Easy to carry because it has a battery that
can be re-charged
b. Easy to store anywhere
c. Relatively free / the game is free
And its disadvantages are :
a. The quality of its graph is less supportive
than other platforms
b. Many of its game is free so that the
quality is not guaranteed
c. The game is easier get error than other
game platforms.
2.3.Game PC
PC game is a video game in which users
use computer or laptop as a tool to play. PC
games have the advantages of:
a. Having Game Engine which can be
changed if there is an error or bug
b. Having the best PC graph from all
c. Having no restrictions to play it using a
PC because all devices can be upgraded
over time
The drawbacks, among others are :
a. a.It can’t be portable as it is using a
b. The price of electricity the game used is
c. It is more complicated to fix it from
To collect data, these author use
questionnaire. The questionnqires contain the
comparison of three most popular platform
nowaday, Game Console, PC Game and
Game Mobile. The writers distributes it
through Facebook, BBM and Line that are
easily filled by the respondents.
For the questionnaire, the writers got 30
respondents. The game Platform most often
used by the respondents were PC games with
35% as well. Mobile Game with 35%. The
econd most popular was Game Console with
Many people in their busy routine of
work, school and other things are still able to
play games on mobile game platform (50%),
33% PC Game (33%) and Game Console
Many of the respondents consider PC
games superior in terms of graphics than
others, so it gets 50% of vote for the best
detailed picture. The rest, Game Console has
33% and Mobile Games have 17%
In terms of flexibility, 75% of the
respondents considered Mobile Games
platform more flexible as it is easier to carry
and its battery can be charged anywhere.
Game Console got 25% of the vote and PC
games got 0% of the vote
On price, the respondents argued that the
Mobile Game Platform is cheaper than other
platforms because Mobile Game got 50% of
the vote while the Game Console and PC
Games got 25% of the vote.
It ranked first in the compatibility of the
sound with 50% of the respondents is choose
PC gaming platform because it has a
compatible response while browsing the
internet and playing, the second game was
Game Console and Mobile Games with 25%
In terms of specifications, PC gaming
platform remains in the first place with 75%
of the votes because it can be used in a wide
variety of games without being impaired.
The second place was Game Console which
can only be played using console by 25% of
the votes. Mobile Games got 0% as its
specifications less than two platforms above.
In the case of variation, PC game was
still in the first rank with 50% as it can play
almost all games. On the second place is
Mobile Game (35% of the vote) because it
resembles PC games platform Game Console
gets 15% of the vote because it only can play
Game in the console
In terms of privacy and comfort in
playing a game, Mobile game platforms
became the first by getting 50% of the vote,
while the PC and Console games each got
25% of the vote.
In terms of satisfaction in playing the
game, the respondents chose PC game
platform 75% of the vote as a they can play
any games they want Console games was
ranked second with 35% of the vote and
Mobile games got 15% of the vote
When the respondents were asked to
choose which of the three platforms that
attracted the respondents most, it was PC
games with 50%. The second rank went to
Game Console with 25% of the vote and the
latter is Mobile Game with 25% of the vote.
Based on the data the authors obtained
from all the questionnaires and based on the
premises that each gaming platform have
positive and negative side, a new platform
known as VR (Virtual Reality) technology.
May emerge as a combination of all existing
platforms. Meanwhile the existing platforms
can still be developed further.
... Menurut kajian yang dijalankan oleh Galehantomo [27], permainan konsol adalah permainan video dimana pengguna menggunakan konsol khas untuk bermain. Sebagai contoh yang paling popular ialah PlayStation. ...
... Selain itu, permainan konsol tidak menggunakan cable controller dan mempunyai sistem yang boleh digunakan untuk melayari internet. Walaubagaimanapun, permainan konsol juga memiliki kekurangan iaitu sukar untuk membawa ke tempat lain kerana ia memerlukan tenaga elektrik yang berterusan dan televisyen sebagai media utama untuk dimainkan, harga permainan konsol juga sangat mahal berbanding platform lain dan permainan yang disediakan untuk permainan konsol juga sangat mahal berbanding permainan di platform lain [27]. ...
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Bidang permainan mudah alih pada era ini telah melonjakkan evolusi pendidikan dan juga membangunkan kemahiran kognitif, spatial dan kemahiran motor (skill) serta meningkatkan kemahiran ICT. Pembangunan ICT dan teknologi telah memberi banyak peluang dan ruang untuk diterokai dalam bidang permainan mudah alih. Sifir Run merupakan sebuah aplikasi permainan mudah alih yang bertemakan pembelajaran sifir. Pembangunan aplikasi ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kemahiran menghafal sifir dalam kalangan murid sekolah rendah. Objektif projek ini adalah untuk mengenalpasti permasalahan murid dalam operasi darab, mereka bentuk dan membangunkan permainan mudah alih yang bertemakan sifir dan mengkaji kebolehgunaan aplikasi permainan mudah alih tersebut. Pembangunan aplikasi ini dijalankan dengan menggunakan model ADDIE. Terdapat seramai 20 orang responden dipilih oleh pengkaji bagI menjalani fasa penilaian untuk menguji kebolehgunaan aplikasi permainan mudah alih Sifir Run. Development of 'Sifir Run' Mathematical Mobile Game for Learning Multiplication Topics in Primary School Students Abstract: The field of mobile games in this era has accelerated the evolution of education and also developed cognitive, spatial and motor skills (skills) as well as improve ICT skills. The development of ICT and technology has provided many opportunities and spaces to be explored in the field of mobile gaming. Sifir Run is a mobile game application themed on learning ciphers. The development of this application aims to improve the skills of memorizing ciphers among primary school students. The objective of this project is to identify students' problems in multiplication operations, design and develop cipher -themed mobile games and study the usability of such mobile game applications. The development of this application was carried out using the ADDIE model. A total of 20 respondents were selected by the researcher to undergo the evaluation phase to test the usability of the Sifir Run mobile game application. Keywords: Educational Games, Mobile Computer Games, Multiplication.
... Electronic system equipment used to run games is often called a platform. Examples of platforms are PC (personal computer) game, mobile game and console game [12]. Meanwhile, game classifications based on the interaction of players, also called game genres [13], need to be chosen by game makers in order to be adjusted to the purpose of the game [14]. ...
... Frequent activities in making games would strenghten their recognition and deeper involvement in PCs so that in turn they prefer PC games. They understand that PCs have advantages in terms of graphics, comfort as well as satisfaction when playing compared to other platforms [12]. For inexperienced students, they preferred the mobile game platform (61%) which is easier to carry, can be used to play anytime and recharge power anywhere. ...
... MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) is a game many people can play simultaneously (Donovan, 2014). The reason for including the definition of MMO games is MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games partially use MMORPG mechanics (Galehantomo, 2015 MOBAs tend to have a real-time strategy element and revolve around a simple goal: to compete against opponents in a team and defeat them in combat. Players make instant progress and must have a constant Internet connection; otherwise, they can be accepted as AFK (Away from Keyboard) players. ...
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The entertainment industry includes companies engaged in telecommunications services, television, music streaming, video games, and live events. Gaming has gained momentum in revenue growth in the entertainment industry over the past decade. This momentum has made the gaming industry one of the most popular areas of the entertainment industry. Official leagues have been teamed up with professional players, and the concept of e-sports has become widespread. MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), which is a derivative of MMO (massively multiplayer online) games, is the name given to the games played on the Internet in which players destroy the opponent's base by dominating specific objectives on a map, usually with two teams of five players each. LoL (League of Legends) is one of the most popular MOBA games. Predicting winners in online games has become an essential application for machine learning models. This research aims to predict classification with machine learning methods of match winner with LoL player metrics. Key performance metrics and their impact on each game model were analyzed. The results show that winner prediction is possible in League of Legends, also, LightGBM (0.97), Logistic Regression (0.96), SVM and GBC (Gradient Boosting Classifier) (0.95) are outperformed with a high accuracy ratio. This paper will contribute to the classification research on topic of gaming with machine learning. ÖZ Eğlence endüstrisi, telekomünikasyon hizmetleri, televizyon, müzik, video oyunları ve canlı konserler gibi işlerle uğraşan alışılmadık derecede geniş bir şirket yelpazesini içerir. Oyun, son on yılda eğlence sektöründe gelir artışı ivmesi elde etmiştir. Bu ivme oyun sektörünü eğlence endüstrisinin en popular alanlarından biri haline getirmiştir. Profesyonel oyuncularla resmi ligler kurulmuş ve e-spor kavramı yaygın hale gelmeye başlamıştır. Çevrimiçi oyun türlerinden olan MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) oyunların bir türevi olarak karşımıza çıkan MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) internet üzerinde genellikle 5 kişilik 2 takımla bir harita üzerinde belirli yapıları domine ederek rakibin üssünü yok etme hedefiyle oynanan oyunlara verilen isimdir. LoL (League of Legends) bir MOBA oyunudur. Çevrimiçi video oyunlarında kazananların tahmini, makine öğrenmesi tabanlı tahmin modelleri için önemli bir uygulama haline gelmiştir. Araştırmanın hedefi LoL oyuncu metrikleriyle maç kazanma tahminin makine öğrenmesi yöntemleriyle sınıflandırma tahminidir. Önemli performans ölçütleri ve bunların her bir oyun modeli üzerindeki etkisi de analiz edildi. Sonuçlar, League of Legends oyununda kazanan tahmininin mümkün olduğunu göstermektedir. LightGBM (0.97), Lojistik regresyon (0,96), SVM ve GBC (0.95) başarım oranı ile öne çıkan algoritmalardır. Çalışmanın oyun alanında makine öğrenmesiyle sınıflandırma çalışmalarına katkı sağlayacağı düşünülmektedir.
... The artificial intelligence system will be implemented in three aspects of the game, the first one is the game obstacle which would use the Bézier Curve algorithm for creating the obstacle path, the next one is Finite State Machine that would create the Non-Player Character (NPC) behavior, and the last algorithm is Fuzzy Mamdani that would be use in the scoring system. The game will be developed on an Android-based mobile platform because this platform is a more popular platform compared to Console and PC [9]. ...
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Over time, educational games that exist is increasing. It is very unfortunate that there are some educational games that are too focused on the educational aspect so that they forget their identity as games that aim to relieve fatigue. This research was conducted to avoid this problem. To provide an interesting experience from the game being played, the artificial intelligence system is implemented, the first one is Bezier Curve Algorithm. An algorithm that forms a curve trajectory that will become a cross motion of obstacles. Finite State Machine for the Non-Player Character (NPC) behavior. The last one is Fuzzy Mamdani algorithm, it is an algorithm that will be used in calculating the score in the game. By applying all the algorithm to some aspects of the game, there will be an interesting experience in every game play, because one gameplay will not be similar to the previous one. This game was developed on the Android platform. The test was conducted on 33 high school/vocational high school students with the age range (15-20 years). The results obtained, 97% of respondents agree that the game is interesting for them and 90.9% feel interested in Indonesian debate after playing the game.
... Console and mobile games have distinct characteristics that influence their market behaviour (Galehantomo 2015;Payne 2020). First, mobile and traditional console games target different groups of consumers. ...
In this study, we examine the short-term stock price reactions of Japanese gaming companies to events related to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Using the event study method, we first estimate stock price reactions to the outbreak of the pandemic and the declaration of a state of emergency. We then perform multivariate regressions to investigate the factors affecting market responses. Our results demonstrate that the stock prices of Japanese gaming companies reacted negatively to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the initial negative effects were greater for mobile gaming companies and for companies with small sizes or low Tobin's Q. By contrast, the market has reacted positively to the declaration of the state of emergency, which perhaps drove more people to play games at home.
... ağırlıklı olarak bilgi ve iletişim teknolojilerini) dahil ederek bu tanımı genişletmiş ve modern teknolojiler aracılığıyla e-Spor oyuncularının antrenman yapma ve rekabet etme gibi bazı ihtiyaçlarını karşıladığını ifade etmiştir. Galehantomo (2015) e-Sporu mobil ya da ortak terim olan PC (kişisel bilgisayar) aracılığıyla bazen tek başlarına bazen de takımlar halinde çeşitli oyunlar, bunun sonucunda oluşan oyuncu performansı olarak tanımlamıştır. Ancak, bu tür teknoloji vurgulu tanımların sporun kültürel doğasını göz ardı etmesi nedeniyle bazı araştırmacılar tarafından eleştirildiği de görülmüştür (Taylor, 2012;Taylor ve Witkowski, 2010;Witkowski, 2009Witkowski, , 2012. ...
... ağırlıklı olarak bilgi ve iletişim teknolojilerini) dahil ederek bu tanımı genişletmiş ve modern teknolojiler aracılığıyla e-Spor oyuncularının antrenman yapma ve rekabet etme gibi bazı ihtiyaçlarını karşıladığını ifade etmiştir. Galehantomo (2015) e-Sporu mobil ya da ortak terim olan PC (kişisel bilgisayar) aracılığıyla bazen tek başlarına bazen de takımlar halinde çeşitli oyunlar, bunun sonucunda oluşan oyuncu performansı olarak tanımlamıştır. Ancak, bu tür teknoloji vurgulu tanımların sporun kültürel doğasını göz ardı etmesi nedeniyle bazı araştırmacılar tarafından eleştirildiği de görülmüştür (Taylor, 2012;Taylor ve Witkowski, 2010;Witkowski, 2009Witkowski, , 2012. ...
İlk olarak doksanların sonlarında tanıtılan elektronik spor, günümüzde artık kısaca e-Spor olarak adlandırılmaktadır. Bugün dünyanın dört bir yanında, e-Spor profesyonel bir uygulama olarak kabul edilmekte ve turnuvaları geleneksel spor etkinliklerine benzer bir şekilde yürütülmektedir. Uluslararası turnuvalarda birinci şahıs nişancı (firstperson shooter: FPS), çok oyunculu çevrimiçi savaş arenası (multiplayer online battle arena: MOBA) ve gerçek zamanlı stratejiler (real-time strategy: RTS) gibi oyun temalı bazı liglerin (ör. Legends World Championship, Intel Extreme Masters, Overwatch League, The International for DOTA 2, TBS’s ELEAGUE for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) düzenlendiği görülmektedir. Küresel oyun pazarı olarak bilinen Newzoo’nun 2019 tahminine göre e-Spor izleyicisinin 427 milyona ulaştığı, gelir düzeyinin dünya genelinde 1 milyar doları aştığı düşünülmektedir. Bu durum, e-Sporun örgütsel yapısını geldiği noktayı net bir şekilde ortaya koymaktadır. Ancak, bu derece geniş kitlelere ulaşmasına ve büyük etkileşimler yaratmasına rağmen birçok kişinin bu sektöre hala yabancı olduğu, hatta ciddi eleştirilerde bulunduğu görülmektedir. Dolayısıyla, herkes tarafından anlaşılır bir olgu haline gelebilmesi için araştırmacıların kavram üzerinde tanımlar yaparak bu terimi açıklama çabası içinde olduğu bilinmektedir. e-Sporun net bir şekilde anlaşılabilmesi için hem akademisyenler hem de sektör profesyonelleri tarafından geliştirilen tanımların incelenmesi gerekmektedir
... For instance, PC games have powerful processors, bigger screen with better graphics and performance from all platforms. Thus, the PC game platform provides the most satisfaction (Galehantomo, 2015). PC hardware is customizable. ...
The aim of this research is to understand why young people start, continue, reduce, and intend to quit playing online multiplayer games. In-depth interviews were conducted with 25 male undergraduate students who continue to play online multiplayer games. Interview transcripts were analyzed through MAXQDA 2020 with content analysis. The four themes and eleven categories were revealed: starting (social, involvement), continuing (achievement, social, immersion, enjoyment, monetary), reducing (conflict, negative emotions) and intention to quit (non-involvement, self-regulation). The most-reported categories under each theme were involvement, achievement, conflict, and non-involvement, respectively. Socializing was the most-reported subcategory for the starting theme; advancement, refreshment, socializing for the continuing theme; deterioration of performance and health for the reducing theme; lack of interest/enjoyment; lack of time for intention to quit theme. The study contributes by providing a holistic perspective for understanding young peoples’ motivation factors to start, continue, reduce, and intend to quit.
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BackgroundAIDS, which is caused by HIV, has long been one of the most significant global public health issues. Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic, various types of nonelectronic communication tools have been commonly used in HIV/AIDS prevention and care, but studies that apply the potential of electronic games are still limited. Objective We aimed to identify, compare, and describe serious games and gamified systems currently used in HIV/AIDS prevention and care that were studied over a specific period of time. MethodsA scoping review was conducted into serious games and gamified systems used in HIV prevention and care in various well-known digital libraries from January 2010 to July 2021. ResultsAfter identifying research papers and completing the article selection process, 49 of the 496 publications met the inclusion criteria and were examined. A total of 32 articles described 22 different serious games, while 17 articles described 13 gamified systems for HIV prevention and care. Conclusions Most of the studies described in the publications were conducted in the United States, while only a few studies were performed in sub-Saharan African countries, which have the highest global HIV/AIDS infection rates. Regarding the development platform, the vast majority of HIV/AIDS gaming systems were typically deployed on mobile devices. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of using serious games and gamified systems. Both can improve the efficacy of HIV/AIDS prevention strategies, particularly those that encourage behavior change.
ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication.