Unpacking Learning Analytics: An Attempt to Tilt the Iceberg [解析学习分析学:一次撬动冰山的尝试]

Article · August 2017with144 Reads
DOI: 10.19605/j.cnki.kfxxyj.2017.04.001
学习分析学正如一座冰山,可见的部分通常是物化的工具和显见的活动,掩藏在冰山底部的包括对学 习的界定,教学中的权力关系,教育大环境里的社会、政治和文化意图等。本文旨在解析学习分析学领域的关键 概念和争议,并探讨中国在该领域面临的机遇和挑战。 Learning Analytics is just like an iceberg. Its visible parts include materialized tools and observable activities, while its hidden parts comprise conceptualizations of learning, power relations in teaching and learning, and complex social, political and cultural intentions of the larger education agenda. In this article we attempt to unpack key concepts and tensions within the field of Learning Analytics and discuss opportunities and challenges of its development in China.