Importance of Kegel Exercises for Male and Female Sexuality and Prevention of Vaginismus

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Abstract Introduction. The superficial perineal muscles have an important function in the female and male sexual response cycle. Object. Understand the importance of Kegel exercises in the male and female sexuality. Method. Review of the literature. Results. The erection of the male and female erectile organs consists of three phases: a) latent, b) turgid, c) rigid or muscular. Perineal muscles are innervated by branches of the pudendal nerve, that originates from Onuf’s nucleus located in the sacral spinal cord. The tonic contraction of ischiocavernosum muscles during erection is necessary for the rigidity of penis. This is necessary not only for the rigidity of the penis, but also for the maintenance of erection. Ejaculation comprises two phases: emission and expulsion. Ejecting of the semen in jets is caused by the rhythmic contraction of the bulbocavernosum muscle. In elderly men the ejaculation takes place with less strength or without squirting. Immediately after the expulsion phase the male enters in a post-ejaculatory refractory period. Age affects the recovery time: as a man grows older, the refractory period increases. Vaginismus is characterized by a reflex contraction of the sphincter of the vulvo-vaginal orifice. The bulbocavernosus muscles are implicated in inferior vaginismus, while the pubovaginalis muscle is responsible for superior vaginismus. The Kegel exercises allow the contraction of the pubovaginalis and the puborectalis muscles, and of all the perineal muscles and especially of the superficial ones. Conclusions. Kegel Exercises could reduce the post-ejaculatory refractory period that increases in every man with age and could facilitate the erection after a first ejaculation. The Kegel exercises, training bulbocavernosum muscle, are important to prevent the physiologic reduction of the strength of ejection of the seminal liquid. Kegel Exercises are important for the prevention of vaginismus.

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