Paradoja de cambio organizacional : estrategias efectivas con procesos estables / M.E. Malott.

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Contiene: Paradoja de cambio: Cambiar y perdurar; Principios básicos. Análisis de sistemas: Macrosistema y misión; Organización; Proceso; Acción. Análisis conductual: Conducta; Gerencia; Ingeniería. Cambio organizacional: Modelo de cambio. Glosario.

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    ABSTRACT: Within the perspective of behaviour Analysis, there is a young, but fruitful, tradition of study and intervention on Cultural Practices. This tradition has startted, amongst others, the concept of Metacontingency which is a functional relationship between the interlocked individual behavioural contingencies and a certain aggregate product, which at the same time, operates on the third (cultural) level of selection. As in contingency that works on the second level of selection, it is important to be specific with contingency terms in order to increase the influence on behaviour. On this research “Justice and Peace Law in Colombia” was analysed to search specifications mentioned previously; this analysis shows that the way the law is written is not properly in accordance with the principles of contingency specification. Suggestions are offered to continue working in this direction
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