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The Engagement of Disabled People in European Football: Best Practice Cases


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This case study book reports on a research project exploring how European football organisations engage disabled people. This report is available in English, French, and German. Between October 2016 and March 2017 members of the football community from across the UEFA region provided important information on these engagement opportunities. The key finding from this study revealed that; 1. Results identified a range of areas where organisations felt their performance did not match the importance of their provision. As such, room for improvement was identified, however respondents noted the general increase in resources to support these engagement activities. 2. Regional differences within the results suggest that pockets of excellence exist within the European football, which contrast with areas where improvements can be made. 3. Interviews with organisations operating best practices suggest that local context is a major factor in the quality of provision. Other factors include financial resources, human resources and competencies (developed through training) as well it being paramount that organisations possess an inclusive philosophy. This case study report highlights the best practices in the provision of disability football and the accessibility of football stadia. We hope that this case study book can assist in our aim to foster on-going dialogue about how football can be a place for all, irrespective of ability.
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England Photo credit: Authors
  • Emirates Stadium
Emirates Stadium, England Photo credit: Authors