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This malarial retinopathy (MR) dataset comprises of two phases: 20 Focal leakage images with groundtruth; 10 Punctate leakage images with groundtruth. If you use this dataset please cite the following papers: 1) Intensity and Compactness Enabled Saliency Estimation for Leakage Detection in Diabetic and Malarial Retinopathy Y Zhao, Y Zheng, Y Liu, J Yang, Y Zhao, D Chen, Y Wang IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 36 (1), 51-63, 2017 2) Automated detection of leakage in fluorescein angiography images with application to malarial retinopathy Y Zhao, Y Zheng, IJC MacCormick, DG Parry, S Leach, NAV Beare, SP Harding, Scientific reports 5:10425l, 2015

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