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The Most Mysterious Murrelet: what we do and don't know about Kittlitz's murrelets in Glacier Bay



This presentation is annotated with my speaking notes, so when you open the .ppt file, you should be able to follow along with each slide. In this presentation I discuss several things: 1) What makes these birds unique? They may not be “the most mysterious,” but even now in 2017 very little is known about the lives of Kittlitz’s murrelets. What is known, though, is really intriguing and demonstrates that these are really special birds. 2) After giving you some cool facts, I’ll talk about why should we count them in Glacier Bay and why long-term study is important. 3) How do we survey them? What have we seen? 4) And finally, if you decide to make a big trip to Glacier Bay in the future, I’ll run down where you are most likely to find a Kittlitz’s murrelet and give you some tips for identifying them correctly
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